Monday, November 6, 2017

Day 2 of Crafty Shopping

I thought I would let you marvel over day 1's crafty shopping for a day or so before posting day 2, lol.
Actually I was tired when we got home and The Walking Dead was on, so was watching TV, teehee.

Ok onto Day 2.
Now that I found the Brother Scan N Cut mat, I could really concentrate on my shopping, lol.
1st stop was to Target.
I needed another set of banners (which there was only 1 left) and found a few other items in their dollar spot.
Some of these may or may not be gifts for a few friends ;)

Not crafty shopping, but found this cute set of PJ's for my grandson Sawyer.
Sawyer's daddy likes spider man....would have been fun if I could have found a set for him as well, they could have matched, teehee.

Wayne picked up this shirt for Sawyer as he liked the saying...he also liked the colour.

Back to the crafty shopping.
I thought I was going to leave Michaels empty handed.
That was until Wayne found some lonely Halloween supplies for 80% off.
First thing he noticed was the Tim Holtz stamps....he loves the TH's stuff, plus I think he is proud that he knows a popular craft designer who he met in person, lol.
Nothing here was more then $3.00!!
Sorry Lesli, I bought more washi tape, but they were so cheap!

Then we went to the Dollar Tree.
I love the Dollar Tree as everything there is actually a Dollar!!
Our Dollarama, very little is actually a dollar.
I picked up a few books and for a dollar, I don't feel as bad if they are not a great read and donate them later.
I forgot my earbuds at home and wanted to edit a video or 2 (which I didn't get to) and if they only lasted a night, I was good with that.....actually I was impressed with the sound the produced.

What we thought was going to be our last stop for the evening was to Walmart to get one of these letter boards as we don't have these in our Walmart.
It was Ashley that told me about these, so I texted her to see if she wanted another one...she said yes as she could have fun with it in her office (as today was her first day back to work after having Sawyer).

Before leaving the store, I thought I had better look at them to make sure everything was in them and that nothing was broken.
Turned out, out of all 5 boards in stock, only one wasn't broken.
I figured I could add some trim to the least damaged one...if Walmart would give me a discount.
They would give me .10c off.
.10c !!!! That is it.
She then told me that they will need to take them off of the shelves and discard them.
So I said to you would rather throw them out, then give me a better discount?!?
She said she didn't have the authority to mark it down anymore than that...and walked away.
I just shook my head and bought the only one that wasn't damaged.

We then went back to the hotel to chill for the night.
That was until I got a craving for Taco John's Potato Oles!!
I had some the day we got into town and I asked for less or no spice on them and got the cheese dip.
You know you are obsessed with a food when you have a dream of eating it, lol.
I decided to get a planner, so off to Michael's we went again.
I had 3 that I liked, but picked this one as I like the sentiment on the front, as I seem to always make a fresh start..over and over again, teehee.
As I was walking down the aisle I noticed these stamps with the matching dies, they were under $3.00 each...nice deal.

Onto My Day:
Today was Ashley's 1st day back to work since having Sawyer.
Here in Canada you get a year off with maternity pay....Ashley took an extra week off.
She didn't want to go back and I don't blame her, who would.
But I helped by telling her that on the days her husband has to work, I will look after Sawyer.
So today was one of those days.
We enjoyed breakfast together, then headed to the clinic as Heather had an ear infection and I told her yesterday that I would go with her.
Sawyer and I snuggled, played and had a great day together.
I have to say, I needed a bit of a nap when he went can a one year old out last me...oh right he got in an afternoon nap, lol.

I hope you all have a very creative day.
Tomorrow is going to be a home day for me (I will have a lot more of those now that Ashley is back at work as I would visit her at least 3 days a week or she and Sawyer would visit me)
I still haven't put away all of my Halloween decor from my crop!!!

Tracy :)


  1. Looks like a good haul! Stinks about Walmart though.. that's just crap! Sawyer looks so sweet - I can see why his Momma must miss him dearly while at work... I remember those days! Maybe now you'll start using those goodies you bought and share with us what you make! WINK WINK! Have a great day!


  2. You found some great stuff, kudos to hubby for finding the TH stamps at Michaels. I remember those days 28 years ago when I got to look after my grandson when his mom when to work. those were fab. days.

  3. I love all of your "finds!" The Halloween bargains are the best--especially since I bought those exact jars before Halloween. Still, they were 40% off, but 80% would have been a steal! Thanks for the tip about the letter board at Walmart. I plan to get one for my granddaughter for Christmas. I'll have to check them out. I want to shop with you!!

  4. Awesome haul!! You did get some great stuff!! Trying to stay out of craft stores because I have to try using what I have already.

  5. pretty daytimer; another excellent haul. I think a letter board would be so much fun but I don't think where I work they would get my humour!

  6. You have the cutest grandbaby

    I want to come play one day you have him


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