Friday, November 3, 2017

Day 1 of Crafty Shopping

Wayne and I decided to go on a little get away to Duluth MN at the spur of the moment :)
So I picked up some American money, printed off some Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Joanns coupons and off we went :)
My main goal was to find a Brother Scan & Cut mat.
I was gifted a Brother Scan & Cut machine but I couldn't get it to scan an would only cut the shapes that were programmed into the machine.
After weeks of asking questions on different forums, we all came to the conclusion that the mat I had (12x24) would not scan...the older machines couldn't scan on that size mat.

So our first stop once we got to Duluth, was Michael's.
I had read that some Michael's stores carry this product....but nope:(
But I did pick up this dotted journal as I heard it takes different types of mediums and I want to get back into my daily journaling and was hoping I could use this as my fauxbonichi in the new year.
I also picked up an R89 Copic marker, as when I used mine, the tip was dried up.
I changed the tip, but it was empty....I know I could purchase a refill, but I would need to order it and I plan on doing some colouring for Christmas tags and I need this colour :)

Next stop was Hobby Lobby.
I was so hoping I would find the Brother Scan & Cut mat here.
Sadly another disappointment :(
But I did find some stickers in the clearance area.
Yes that is all that I had found here....but my focus was on getting this mat, so I wasn't really looking for anything other then the mat...I was a bit obsessed.

Last crafty store was JoAnns.
Every store had a type of Cricut, but no Brothers!!!
I found this small hexagon punch I was looking for, but not Scan & Cut.
As I was paying for the punch I look behind the teller and in the locked cage what do I see....A Brother Scan N Cut heart starts to beat a little faster.
I ask the teller if they have the mats for the machine...which she responds "We don't carry anything by Brother"...huh?
I tell her it is behind her in the cage.
She then phones someone and then informs me it is in the sewing area!!!
I can not tell you how happy I was when I saw them there!!!!
Mission completed!

Wayne has a few stores he likes to check out when we come here.
There isn't a Cabela"s here and now there is no longer a Gander Mountain, so we went to Menards.
I seem to always find something there as well.
I saw this Family frame...isn't so sweet.

I always have work gloves in my jeep, but these ones are insulated, so they will keep my fingers warm this winter and they are just so pretty :)

I ran into the Dollar Tree to look for some books I might like.
I didn't find any books, but I picked up these cute dimensional stickers for some little kid cards as well as this calendar.
I have this exact one for myself, then my daughter Ashley commented on how much she liked it, so I picked her up this one.

Then it was time for dinner.
We always go to Red Lobster and I always get the Shrimp Trio.
But the last few times, the pasta was either crispy, the sauce in the pasta was watery and one time my shrimp was raw.
So I decided to change it up.
I love shrimp, but not a fan of most other types of sea food.
But Wayne convinced me to get this dish.
I loved the shrimp, the garlic potatoes and I kind of liked the lobster.
I didn't love the crab...I had a bit of it, but gave the rest to Wayne.

Before coming back to the hotel, we stopped off at Target to pick up some pop (soda for you Southerners, teehee).
You all know you can't go into Target without looking through their dollar spot area.
I picked up these wood pieces...I couldn't make them for the prices they were selling them at.

I also picked up this fun music note banner.
I think I may need to pick up another one if I want to decorate it up with a festive word.
I also picked up these gift tags....I love the ones with the wooden snowflakes.

That is the end of my shopping for today.
Tomorrow will be more fun for me as I won't be on a mission to find that mat, lol.

I hope you all have a very Creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Fun times!!! Enjoy your shopping! I was going to tell you to try a sewing store! Our quilting store uptown actuslly carries that machine!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip for you & your Hubby! Joann's just started carring the Brother Scan N Cut Products so you got lucky! LOL And My hubby & I always head to Red Lobster as well... We just love eating there - It's always a special occasion when we do of course.. otherwise we'd always be broke! hahaha Have a great weekend! :)

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip even though it took some time to find that mat! Glad you were able to get it.

  4. So happy you found it on day 1 of your weekend getaway. I'm checking my copics for that colour I would like a good red for Christmas too. I'm not fond of crab legs I don't know what all the hype is about. looking forward to day 2 of shopping.

  5. Hi Tracy, thanks for the sweet visit after I'd been so long MIA. Lovely to see old friends return to see my blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your shopping trip and the great finds you scored. Our Mike's in this area of the South, has slim pickin's, and don't even keep those as stocked as should be. The local H/Lobby does much better. The JoAnn's is a small store and seems to be cutting back on their stamping/scrap stuff. Your R/Lobster dinner sounded delicious, and I'm so glad you were able to find the mat you needed! I'd call that a very successful trip indeed! TFS & Hugs

  6. There is so much to comment on here! First, I would never think to look for cutting mats in the sewing area. But then again, I don't sew, so maybe they use that machine with sewing too. Red Lobstah! LOVE it! I see what Wayne did there---got you to order something he liked so he'd get some! Your shopping trip sounds like so much fun. I love those banners from Target. I'll have to check out ours and see if they have them. I almost feel like I've been shopping with you!

  7. Seriously excellent haul. I hate that exact hexagon punch!

  8. Wow, that was a productive shopping trip Tracy! Good for you and hubby!!! Such great stores you went to as well and your supper looked so good. I love lobster, crab, shrimp, etc...but not a big fan of the big crab legs like you had. I just never seem to be able to get the meat out very well. lol So surprised that the cutting mat for the Brother Scan and Cut were in the sewing area, not sure why it would be there but really glad you saw the cutter in the locked cage they keep that stuff in. You got some cool buys and that is always a nice thing. Menards always have cool things from what I hear. Now do you have to have a passport to come in??? I know we need one to go into your country but didn't know if it worked both ways. Never had a passport! lol Hugs, Brenda


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