Saturday, December 26, 2020

Happy Holidays

 I hope you all have had wonderful Christmas.

Like many around the world the Holidays have been a little more quiet.
We are in lockdown here in my province as of today.
Luckily I was able to celebrate Christmas with my immediate family. 
We were only to have 10 people in our house during Christmas, but as of today, we can now only have  those that live in our household. 
I am sure going to miss my daughter, son in law and my grandbabies....but so far it is only for 14 days.

Now onto some fun things.
Christmas cards!!!

I wanted to do something new this year for my cards.
I wanted to play with some water colours!
I drew my images and then coloured and shaded them with my Inktense water-colour coloured pencils.
I have been trying to play more with my em, use em...right?!?

Funny as I am looking at the card fronts, I am thinking I should have added some shadows to the babbles and maybe some more colour to the background.
Always a critic to my own work, lol.

I hope you are all safe and have a creative day. 



  1. Pretty card! Glad to hear you were able to spend Christmas with your family. hopefully everything will be better in 2021!
    Have a great day!

  2. I hear you with the critic part, I'm my own worst one. I think they look great, the watercoloouring really nice. Have a wonderful and positive 2021

  3. I think your cards look great just the way they are. Our Christmas was pretty low-key this year. We couldn't have the whole gang, so we broke it up with two smaller gatherings. That worked just fine---not what we're used to, but better than nothing! We'll see how the next few weeks roll out.


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