Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alnighters, it may have been my last one. And my order came in :)

              I am exhausted today.
My sister spent the night last night. She lives 45 minutes out of town and had 10:00am doctor appointment. I couldn't go and get her that early so she had a sleepover.
So Julia and I stayed up all night chatting and laughing.
Julia said she didn't feel this aweful in the morning without involving alcohol, lol.
By the time we went to bed at 5:20am, Hubby was just getting up to go to work.
So I figured I was up, so I made him breakfast and his lunch for work. Yeah, that may be the last time that happens, teehee.
So any who, I took a nap today, but I still feel like a zombie ;)

I received some Cryogen paper from a friend (Thanks Marlene).
So I decided to try it last Friday.
My Copics went on smooth, and the blending turned out perfectly. But what I did notice was it bled.
Not sure if it was because my images were tiny, and I may have put to much colour in that one area.
See the sparkle in the paper? How cool is this.
The tiny pumpkins are stamped many times. I had a border stamp of 5 pumpkins and then masked them off to restamp.

I got a text from my friend Lynne (Stampin' Up demonstrator). She said my order was in. But she was to busy to put them together.
WHAT....you don't phone me and tell me my order is in and then tell me I can't have it...That's just...mean, lol.
So I told her if she didn't have time to put every one's order together, then just do mine, lol. 
Later when she was at the hockey rink (her kids play hockey) she texts me to tell me I can pick up my order, she got them all together ;)
Look at all my pretties:)
I love Stampin' Up papers for my card bases. I really love their card stock.
Look at the stamps :)
Such prettiness :)
I was not to happy with the hostess gifts though.
I don't put in to many orders, usually just once a year. Then I put in a one person party.......Mine :)
The shipping for Stampin' up orders are crazy. It is 10% of you total purchase. In my opinion that is way overpriced. Especially when everyone at the party is paying this high shipping :(              
I won't tell you about my day because besides driving my sister around today and sneaking in a few naps, it was pretty uneventful.

Proud Tuesday
1. No pop for me today :)   Maybe that's why I am so tired...ya I didn't think so.
2. Helping my sister out.
3. Happy that my family is all home tonight. We may be in different rooms, but I just have this peaceful feeling that we are all here under one roof.

What are you proud of today?

Hope you had a creative Tuesday

Tracy :)


  1. Most of the bright colors (oranges and reds) are notorious for bleeding. You learn to adjust for that with time/experience...and stay a little further away from the lines. The beauty is, you can often "push" the color back in where it belongs with your colorless blender. I personally LOVE the sparkle of cryogen paper. Try the Neenah paper I sent you, too. You may find you have more control with that.

  2. Wow, that is a lot a fun goodies you have there.

  3. Your card looks awesome! LOVE the pumpkins...but then I always do!

    Your SU story sounds like mine on Friday! Ya I hunted my order down after it was weeks late. But you and I did not get the same thing. Can you possibly guess what I got????

  4. Wow! Love the stamp sets you chose! I have an order that should be in at the end of the week and today my close to my heart order arrived as well. :0) got one little thing made with the paper and hope to play yet with the stamps!

  5. How cute! Love that sparkle...I'm going to have to look for that paper, I haven't heard of it before.

  6. wow! that paper looks great! :) i got my big SU order the other day too! wheeee! but i'm a demo. ;) signed up just for the discounts and to be the first to get the NEW stuff! i'm so addicted!

  7. how cute!! what a fun fun order from su! can't wait to see all the awesome things you create!

  8. Very cute colored image. That paper looks neat! And such fun goodies from SU!

  9. I thought you added the the sparkle, how cool that it's built in to the paper?!?! Your image, as usual, looks amazing! I can't believe you were up all night, you are crazy girl! Lol! Your order looks awesome, you got a ton of stamps! I haven't ordered from Stampin' Up! in several years, they have amazing products though!

  10. Yay on all the stuff. 10% is REALLY high! There's no incentive to buy more, in my opinion!

  11. I used to be able to stay up all night, not so much anymore. I'm usually exhausted by 9 or 10. Good job on the no soda! I'm so jealous of your order that looks like some great stuff!

  12. You are so good with the Copics!

  13. Very cute card! 10% is high! It shouldn't depend on how much you spend, it should go by weight!

  14. Wow I am impressed you can pull an all nighter, I would be exhausted! Great card though, love all the pumpkins. Becky x

  15. This card is adorable! I love the sparkle.
    I have the some top two sets of stamps and love them. I try to not look at the shipping cost.

  16. Fantastic pumpkins! Wow! I don't think I could do an all nighter anymore. Getting a bit too old -he he. Yes, SU! shipping is ridiculous. They follow the same routine as all these types of companies but they are really competing with on-line places like Two Peas and that makes them just too high.

  17. I love those pumpkins!

    I pulled an all nighter this weekend, when I was in New York and got to see my best friend. We were just chatting in her apartment, then it was 5am! I don't know how we did that all the time in college, I could barely function the next day!

  18. The card is too too cute! What cool paper you used for it too!

    I KNOW I wouldn't like the 10% shipping charge either! I have never purchased any SU, nor have I ever seen one of their catalogs...I know, am I normal? tee hee!

  19. Cute stamp. And I like the card. But, I certainly can't give any advice regarding the bleeding through.
    What are you crazy, girl--staying up all night. I used to have to do that, working in the job I do. Now, it's all day shifts, thank goodness.

  20. Cute card! I love that glitter paper! You always have the coolest new stuff! I haven't ordered from stampin up in forever.....I may have to check out the catalog and see if there's anything I must have. :)

  21. I've been watching suzannejdean on you tube. She does on line classes as well. Since I have so much art in my background from school the way they teach you to color copics was a little unnatural for me. I'm a flicker and I am very heavy handed. (I finally put up a video of my coloring but you have to suffer through a small haul). She was great onexplaining why the paper bleeds and it's due to how thin the paper is and how much you saturate. I don't lay a base down and I go from dark to light. Don't let the copic Nazis know. She also uses cryogen paper and have been tempted to order it. Right now I use Neenha.

    Cute card and now I want that paper even more! I love how you did the pumpkin row. If you hadn't said anything I never would have know that it wasn't one stamp.

    Holy long comment. I'm proud I always have so much to say LOL!

  22. Your pumpkin girl is sooooooooo sweet. Sorry I couldn't do an all nighter these days but glad you enjoyed yours.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  23. It looks like you've got quite the SU order there. I actually like that they changed the hostess benefits where you can pick and choose stamp sets - at least here in the US. And I had never heard of cryogen paper - I'll have to find some - your coloring looks fabulous.


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