Thursday, October 13, 2011

He-Art Journal week #12 and a Boss gift.

          It is week 12 for the He-Art Journal Challenge.
WEEK 12 - Watercolor Wonder   (watercolor-y effects)
Assignment: Create a spread or a page using water colors or something similar. You can spritz, Twinkly H2O, add a little water to your markers... maybe just a splash of color... Use any stamps you want, colors, etc. Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!

This is similar to what I was planning on doing last week.
Water colouring is not my medium of choice. I just can't seem to get it right. I have seen beautiful works of art done with watercolour, just not mine.
But I am quite happy with how these pages turned out.
I coloured the background paper by using my acrylic block as a palette. I put the colour on (I used my Stampin' Up markers) the block and used my water pen to pick up the colour and colour the sky and grass.
Then I needed to colour in these images.
The palette method didn't really work, the colours weren't as vibrant as I liked, so I outlined the images or where the shading should be and then moved the colour with my water pen.
I really love how these mushrooms turned out :)
I found this poem on the Internet. It was written anonymously.
This Sunday is boss day. What a weird day to have it. It should be during the weekday.
But anyway, Ashley wanted to make something for her boss's.
So she comes home with some chocolates and glass containers.
Then says okay mom I need your help.
Which means, mom can you do this for me, lol.
So we go into my craft room to decorate the containers. She didn't want them to be fancy as both her boss' are men.
You know they just want the chocolates anyway, teehee.

Onto My Day:
I took another nap today....a long one. Not sure if it from my late nights or having no pop :(
As I was in the craft room today, I realized why I haven't created that much room is a complete mess.
So I started cleaning and organizing it tonight.
Would you believe I only got to my Copic papers. Crazy eh?
I had some of my papers mixed up. But the only ones messed up and not properly labeled were my Georgia Pacific and Staples.  The good papers were labeled and separated.
Hubby worked till 8:00 again tonight. So we are watching the last few episodes of Castle.

Thankful Thursday:
Thankful for turkey leftovers ;) 
Chocolate.....I'm replacing my pop for chocolate ;)
Taking a walk with my friend.
That tomorrow is Friday :)

What are you thankful for today?

Tracy :)


  1. Hi, Tracy
    Love what you did for your art journal. It's a very cute page. I love how the mushrooms turned out too.
    You were an awesome mum to help Ashley with her project. That's what usually happens around here too.
    I am so proud of my oldest daughter tonight. She works here behind the front desk at the Fairfield Inn, when she is not at school. Her boss has been taking money out of the till and acting inappropriately. She has been so frustrated and she finally called the area manager and reported it. It took a lot for her to do this. She has practically run the show the last 6 months, until she went back to school. He has been told he is fired or give his 2 week notice.
    I am loving those turkey leftovers too.
    Get that scrap space cleaned up, so you concentrate on creating.

  2. Your journal looks pretty spectacular, missy. I really am loving the way it's turning out.

    Those candy jars look pretty yummalicious, too. (And I'm hungry. Again.)

  3. This is such a whimsical page, love it!

  4. once again you have made incredible pages!!!love it

  5. Oh, for the love of all things cute!!!!

  6. Your journal pages came out really great! I really like how you popped some of the things up.

  7. Very nice journal pages! Love the candy jars!

  8. Tracy that turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I just love the faries dancing around the page! I never would have thought to watercolor with the markers. I know people do it all the time with their reinkers. You are SO smart! :) I love the chocolate containers, perfect for men bosses! And I think chocolate is a wonderful replacement for pop! :)

  9. What beautiful pages! I love the fairies, they look so magical!

  10. My daughter was sitting on my lap while I was reading your blog. We both loved it and she asked if I could make her one, lol. Good thing I just bought a bunch of new copics and a ton of new digi stamps. I love how colorful it is.

    BTW, I have the coloring bug lately and now I'm looking at that new copic case so I can bring them upstairs and color so I can do it more often.

  11. Great pages, love the colouring. Becky x

  12. Really cute art journal pages!
    And what a great idea for the candy jars!

  13. Cute pages! I think your coloring turned out great. I love the colors and how the images pop off the page. It looks great! :)

  14. Oh this is beautiful!!! I love your art journal! Great projects!!!

  15. Wow this is totally magical tracy, I really love it. Fabulous chocolate containers too.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  16. AMAZING! Just no other words for your art journal! TFS!

  17. Doing some catching up today and I just had to comment on THIS post! Your page is soooo adorably cute! WOW! And of course your daughter knew you'd do up her boss gifts just right and you sure did! Perfection!


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