Friday, October 21, 2011

No Scrappin tonight, but sharing some awesome photos.

Today I spent most of my day in my scrap/craft room.
I am have completed one of the Halloween mini albums for the swaps I am in.
I have yet to video tape the finished mini, but I have been doing a tutorial on the process.
I have been asked so many times to share how I have made my mini's. That is hard to do as they are finished and I don't plan on making another one exactly the same, lol.
So Ashley told me to make a video as I was making this mini. Which I did.
But I don't think I will be doing this for every one of my minis.

So because I don't have anything creative to share with you today, I thought I would share some of Ashley's photography with you.
Here are some cupcakes she made. Check out her Flicker
Aren't they pretty :)
 My dad was a photographer.
When he passed away he wanted me (my family) to get his cameras. As he knew we all have a passion for photography. He loved to discuss photography with Wayne and Ashley.
Mind you my dad had never used a digital camera, he loved the photos they took.
This is my dad's leica MP-334
 This is a mamiya/sekor 1000TL
I went for my morning walk with Lynne again this morning.
Not sure how long they will last though, it has been freezing here in the mornings.
We had heavy frost the last few mornings. I think the temperature was -5C this morning.
I think the treadmill will be getting use very soon :)
No Scrapbook Night tonight, mind you I did some creating on my own.
Enjoy your weekend.



  1. Ashley takes such awesome photos. Wish she and Cait could get together and take a day to take pictures.
    Glad you got to create today.
    Makes us happy, right?

  2. Pictures look beautiful. The cupcake looks delicious, almost too pretty to eat hehe..

  3. Great photo's from Ashley ......... looking forward to seeing your viedo on the mini x Have a great weekend

  4. You are right - the photos are awesome. She does such a beautiful job! I love old cameras - the one from your Dad is a treasure. :) Can't wait to see your mini video!

  5. Great photos! I love the photos of the cameras!

  6. These are great photos! I love cameras, they are gorgeous!

  7. What awesome pictures! I know I've said that before about Ashley, but I really mean it :) So glad you finished your mini and can't wait to see your video!

  8. As beautiful as that cupcake is and I would like to say I could never eat something so beautiful, cake outwins beauty every time LOL. Stunning pictures. I love when families are artistic. My mom was fantastic with fabrics and threads, macrame, cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, ceramics and cooking (I say cooking because her meals really were extremely yummy pieces of art. I hope my children stay artistic in some way. They have been doing arts and crafts since they were a little over 1 yrs old. The daycare/preschool and kindergarten I send them too has a strong focus of learning through art. And of course their art area in the dungeon is almost as big as mine but 10 times as mess and it drives me nuts!

  9. That cupcake looks too pretty to eat. Those photos are fantastic!

  10. What a wonderful passion for a family to share. the photos of the camera are truly a special way to remember your Father. Ashley is very talented. And, the cupcake is totally amazing. It looks like a beautiful flower; I don't think I could eat it.

  11. I thought that cupcake was something you made with a paper flower haul. YUMMY looking!

  12. Hi Tracy.. Same here. Dear Son and I go for walks as much as we can get them in now, with the dog, as each day you can tell gets a little shorter, and a little colder. Fall is such a fleeting season it seems to me, before Old Man Winter digs his heels in and takes over. As for mini albums, I am almost finished with my own Halloween mini album too, and hope to post it some time soon. I was waiting on one stamp to come with the rest of an order from an Etsy shop I ordered from, and I'm getting a little nervous I paid this person for NOTHING!.. But I'm trying to be good. I'm trying to be patient... AND I'm TRYING not to rant and rave her name all over my next YouTube video!.. But other than that, I may just show the album as is. I'm happy with it still, and one little stamp will not make THAT big of a difference I suppose. Now, as for that cupcake you're showing here, if only I could reach through the screen, it would be "now you see it, now you don't!", because it sure looks good!... Enjoy your weekend, and can't wait to see your album! ~tina

  13. Wow! That last camera looks so big!

  14. Not only am I impressed with her icing abilities, but she takes some really impressive photographs as well(which I already knew ;^) )

  15. Love Ashley's photos! How did her weekend a week ago go? I have not seen an update in blogger-although I have fallen behind this past week.


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