Monday, October 24, 2011

Pictures of my Pink Spider Web Mini

I know not everyone likes to watch videos. So I posted pictures of my Pink Spider Web Mini Album.
Here is the front cover. I designed the cover and cut it out with my scroll saw. Then I backed the covers with pink card stock that I had stamped with spider webs.
I just love that sparkly spider :)
 I made that little pocket with a left over piece of a black paper bag.
Stamped Happy Halloween (think it was a $1.50 stamp from Michael's) then backed it with black sparkle paper.
The black cat is a pull out tag slipped behind the Gothic girl :)
As you see this is an envelope album.
  I put the pumpkin girl on a tiny paper bag that I stamped with hanging spiders. I am going to put a treat in there for my swap partner.
 This cute little witch is a new stamp I purchased last week (forgot to share those with you, teehee).
Sat her up on two sparkle pumpkins.
 This pocket was from a table setting place card. I stamped and embossed the "BOO" on the front.
I did this last year on my Halloween tag.
 Here are all the tags from the album.
They were given to me from Brenda. Thank you Brenda.
I just stamped the images on them and then added my recipe cards on the back to journal.
There you have it. All complete, now to mail it off. Which I am so bad at, getting things in the mail.

Onto My Day:
After dropping Kristy off at school, I ran to Michael's. I was looking for something particular for my next mini. They didn't have anything I could use. I really didn't want to make it from scratch....but I had to.
Then went to the dollar store looking for something for me to use, nope, nadda.
Ran and picked up a few groceries. Then went to buy or rent a movie to give me inspiration for this mini. But can you believe that the movie was out at the video store, and Future Shop was out of it as well.

Then when I finally got home I worked on my new mini album. It is turning out pretty cool so far.  Fingers crossed it stays that way :)
At lunch Ashley and I were working on a home decor project. We ran out of ribbon, so hopefully tomorrow we can finish it.

Hope you had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. This mini is adorable! I am in awe with the cover you made.

  2. Your mini album is so cute. Especially the little pumpkin girl.

  3. Nic job on your mini album. Very creative
    Me-fighting a migraine, so off to bed.

  4. LOVE this album, Tracy! And the goth girl with the bat on a string? Darling!

  5. this is so awesome! i love all the details you have added to all the pages!

  6. How cute! Love the peek at the inside of your album. Maybe I'll have time later today to go watch the video.

  7. Thanks for the still shots :) I like to watch your videos though too :) I always like hearing about your day. Super excited about your next mini!!!! We watched that movie on tv, we DVRd it, otherwise I would mail it to you ;)

  8. That is so cute. You always are creating the cutest mini albums. Can't wait to see what else you've been creating.

  9. VERY craftastic. And I sit here shaking my head that you don't even consider yourself to be in the big leagues as far as talent goes.

  10. Tracy, I love the pink! It's so fun and not the typical halloween album. It's so cool! :)

  11. Hello..... this is stunning I love the image and the colours you have used......



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