Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Autumn card and some more Happy Mail ?!?

                 I made a card today!!!!
Well actually I worked most of the day.   I had coloured up this image last night.
It is one of the stamp sets I had bought with my friend, Debbie, on Sunday :)
                 Here is a closer look of the image, a bit blurry.
I coloured it up with my Stampin' Up markers.
 And here is the money shot :)
                  I won some blog candy from Rebbeca from How I Burb :)
Rebecca was asking about a layout she did, she wanted some feedback on it. I thought it was great the way it was. It was a football layout....which I know nothing about, lol.
As for the blog candy, I had no idea what it was going to be.
But look at cool is this portfolio, type holder. It is perfect for putting some papers together for when I want to make some cards at camp.... next summer :(
She also made some cards for me to give away and some foam letters that she cut out.
You can see some on the front of her card here.    
 Heather was changing her sheets on her bed this morning.
She does NOT allow Rose (her cat) on her bed until it is made.
I agree, I don't mind Rose on the bed....but not under the covers.
Well this is a big no, no to Heather. The sheets are stripped and Rose is on the mattress pad   :-0
Look at her face, looks like she is thinking "oh sh1t I got caught", lol.
So Onto My Day:
I worked most of the day...but I balanced :)
You can't imagine the happy feeling I get when I balance. My family knows it as I sing "Oh ya, oh ya, I balanced, I balanced, oh ya" ;)   There is a dance that goes along with this song....I may share that on another day, lol.

I finally got to work on my He-Art Journal tonight. Funny thing is it looks like nothing I was planning on doing, lol. But I am liking how it is turning out.
I will share it tomorrow.

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I like the stamped image! Way too cute... Happy stamping....

  2. What a gorgeous card (and that cat looks too comfy!)

    Hasn't the paper I sent you arrived yet? Sheesh....I thought it'd be there by now after what I paid in postage to get it to Slow posties!!

  3. Love the stamp, nicely colored!
    Rose is too clever, sneaky kitty!

  4. Like what you did with your new stamps. That is a very cute stamp. I really like how you colored the image.
    That kitty is in the dog house, big time.
    Glad you balanced the books and got to create too.

  5. Love that cute fall card!! Glad you had a balanced day :)

  6. Aw a kitty ditty! i wanna pinch her cheeks! the card is cute too!

  7. Can't wait to see the YouTube video of your happy dance.;-) Love the card! The picture of your cat cracked me up.:-)

  8. super cute card!!! i love fall and this is just perfect

  9. Oh I bet you had fun coloring that one!!! Your card is awesome! Your happy mail looks fantastic, in fact rather than waiting until next spring to use it, maybe you and the family should take a trip now! :) I fully expect to see a video of you and the "balancing dance" son! Lol

    As for my desk, it may look clean, but that is only a small portion, and you should see the rest of my room! :) I'll try and take a messy pic just for you. Ha!

  10. Your card is great and it looks like you got a fabulous package of goodies!

  11. Great card. I'm laughing about your song and dance already. Yay for blog candy!

  12. Fantastic card - love your hand colouring - looks so lovely!!! :D

  13. Totally love the card and that portfolio holder is really cool and will definitely come in handy :0) Hugs!

  14. That's a perfect card for the fall!

  15. Your card makes me want to go pick pumpkins and run through a corn maze. I love fall. Yay for more happy mail. I know I have stuff coming today so my mail person best show up! The only thing creative I did yesterday was figuring out how to buy as much crafty stuff as possible. I can't even do another haul video because it was way too much and I would be almost embarrassed to show it LOL. And that is on top of what I ordered from online. I better get a move on some of my projects.

  16. What a fun pretty card. Cats just love to go where they aren't allowed. :-)

  17. love the crad,, wow its all most thanksgiving this year has flown by...

  18. Great card! I can relate about the kitty thing. Whenever I change my sheets I'm always fighting with them because one tries to attack the moving sheet and the other just lays there.

  19. yay for happy mail. and don't you love that our hobby gives us an excuse to color! great card. and too funny about Rose.

  20. Your scarecrows are brilliant and I don't like scarecrows neither, a fabulous creation Tracy.

    Your happy mail looks scrummy too.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  21. This is a gorgeous card! I love the coloring!

  22. Great coloring! Love the card and the row of pumpkins along the bottom. It's still warm here so it's hard to believe fall is on the way... Great happy mail yesterday, you lucky girl! :)

  23. Love the card my friend! I made a card today too!

  24. GREAT card! and yeah, the cat looks so busted! LOL!!


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