Friday, October 7, 2011

Back to Friday Night Scrapbooking and a video of my Halloween Picnic basket

Happy Friday!!!
Tonight I am back to my Friday Night Scrapbooking.
Mind you I seem to be doing more cards and mini albums as appose to layouts.
I know I shared this project when I was a gues designer on Nicoles blog. But I also made a video to go into more detail :)
So her is the video :)
Plus I share some of my Halloween cards I had made :)

So onto My day:
Ok funny story: I went to Superstore to pick up Hubby's and my perscriptions. When I went to pay, my Visa didn't is paid off in full every month so that wasn't the problem.
Well I look down at the screen thing, and it says it expired.
Oh ya I say to the lady, I did get a new one in the mail...totally forgot about it, lol.
Only had enough cash on me to pick up mine. Sad thing mine was the expensive one, $120.00 and I still needed cat food.
Sorry Wayne, I will pick yours up tomorrow, lol.

So tonight I had my Friday Night Scrapbooking.
Sharon, Lynne and Diane all came as well. We really had a great night.
I coloured 4 images for my mini album.
Sharon did a 2 page layout.
Denise made a soccer thank you card.
And Lynne started a card, but wasn't happy with where it was going, so she scrapped it.

I hope you all had a creative Friday, and enjoy your weekend :)

Tracy :)


  1. Checked out your video. Great job on your little basket and all the little goodies in it. Very cute cards too. I better get working on my Halloween cards I need to make.
    I am off all next week so I had better get myself focused on creating.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy Canadian Thanksgiving-I know we will come Monday.

  2. that was a good show! Love that we can see it 3D in a video and bonus points for including your cute halloween cards too!

  3. I love the basket, and how all of the treats inside match so nicely! It really makes it extra special!

  4. Oh my! How did I miss seeing this adorable basket! Love it!

  5. Like I said in the video. Thank you so much for making me a basket and filling it with candy. ROFLMAO. Just kidding.
    Loved it. WOW you girls got a lot done. I made another card last night. show in a bit.
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  6. I really liked that basket, and I really like those nails. You should totally keep them painted like that for a couple of days just for fun.

  7. Awesome picnic basket. I'm so impressed with it! sounds like a fun night of scrapbooking.

  8. This basket is amazing! I've TOTALLY done that with the credit card, too. :)

  9. Tracy, you amaze me with all detail you put in to projects. I love how you punched the handle of the basket and then fussy cut around it! Wondered how you had done that. Mike was in the living room when I was watching the video and when you said my name he goes, "heeeeey, that's you!" LOL! At least you were able to get one of your RX right? Having an expired card is something I would do too! Haha! Glad you're Friday night scrapbooking has started back up. Love hearing about it! I don't have any "real" crafters around me so I can live through you! :)

  10. Beautiful and cute.
    Love the colours and all the great details.
    Great work.:)

  11. that basket is really something.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

  12. Cute basket! I'd like one filled with chocolates please ;)

  13. Please please please post how to make this I absolutely love it! You did a beautiful job!!!

  14. Accessories like these would definitely complement Halloween costumes 2012 selections!


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