Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crash....I think I may have to say good-bye.

Just thought I would share my desk. See its not so clean anymore is it :(
But it does show that I have been working. And I vow to clean it up when I am done.
I was suppose to share this a few days ago.
But the fiery truck was more exciting, lol.

Oh ya and thank you for thinking my cupboards look so organized, because I think they are a mess....guess I can cross that one off my to-do list, teehee.
I am a bit bummed today.
I woke up and turned on my laptop only to discover that it was still logging off, from last night.
Actually I kept pressing every button on here and still it said it was logging off...all day long.
So I was hoping hubby could get it up and running long enough for me to transfer all my photos and such to my external hard drive.
Thankfully he did. But he worked until after 8:00pm, so I had a long wait.

I am thinking I need a new laptop.
It has done this before. Plus my battery no longer holds a charge and I bent the plug in and the internal plug in for the recharger cord   :-O  .
I have a lot of organizing I want to do before I put everything on the external hard drive though.
I hate to get rid of anything that is working, and right now my laptop is working. I feel like I need to squeeze every last drop out of this baby before I say good bye. Plus I will be sad to get rid of it, I know I won't find another one just like this one.
Is that odd?
I seriously feel sad when we get rid of something big, like a vehicle. Its like I am sending it away with all my memories. I actually feel sad for the object. Weird eh?

Do you get attached to things like I do?

Drove over the border with Heather today, to pick up some parcels she ordered. We didn't go for lunch this time. It just wasn't the same without my Sharon :(   She had to work this week.



  1. I just have to say that I completely understand about being sad about an object. When my car finally broke down I was so sad when they towed it away. I definitely attach memories to things. And I think your desk is still a bit cleaner than mine right now.:)

  2. - I definitely don't get attached to things that quit working...LOL. Get a new laptop! It's not worth the aggravation. :)

  3. I don't get attached to anything really but that's because several times during my childhood I moved between parents and for not so lovely reasons and was forced to leave most of my stuff behind. Even after my mother died (we were in a car accident) When I came home from the hospital I found about 10 people rummaging through my house. They even went through my stuff. I was only 13 yrs old. I learned a very rough lesson very early on - some people are just jerks and don't get attached to anything because either someone will take it from you or you will have to leave it behind. Yikes what a downer reply sorry.

  4. Sorry to hear you are having computer problems. We have become very dependent on them, haven't we??? I know this. Curtis was updating my I Pad the other day and it froze and he couldn't do anything with it. He finally go it restored last night.
    Got his work stuff moved in our garage so I could park my rig in there.
    Maybe it is time to go shopping for a new laptop.

  5. oh i hate having computer problems--it is the worst. the great thing nowadays is that you can pick up a netbook pretty cheap!

    have a great day!

  6. Yes, I get very attached to my computer and don't like to upgrade or change. And getting rid of a car is like getting rid of an era of your life. At least it is for us, because we keep cars until they die a slow, painful death.

  7. Our last laptop we have to the girls, so it's still in the family. This made me very happy :) We didn't have to get rid of it that way. It's fine for them to play with but not fast enough for me anymore, a good compromise! I don't think your desk looks so bad, looks like you are just in the middle of a project :)

  8. Leaving an old computer behind IS sad! Your space looks wonderful! I hope you can either fix your machine or find a nice shiny new one to make you feel better!

  9. I feel your pain. My old desk computer is still sitting on the desk with my old photos on it.

  10. I definitely get attached to things like that. My sympathies to you on your laptop, but at least it might be fun getting to buy a new one and maybe you can make a layout about it!

  11. I drive my vehicles until they can go no more so I understand. I do keep laptops a long time but eventually the slow speed and lack of battery get to me and I buy new and turn the old one over to my husband. He uses one in addition to his desktop for work. The good news is you'll get so much faster laptop than you had before.

  12. Well we have another thing in common, I cannot stand to get rid of things! worse still though is if I lose something, I not only keep looking for it but always wonder about it, like a watch I had and the strap was loose and it fell off my hand in the shopping centre, I still look!! that's weird eh?

  13. So glad you were able to get all your stuff off the laptop! That could have been a disaster! (and my desk is a mess right now too!). :)

  14. That is crazy about the fire! I don't think I get attached to things like that, but my stuff, my layouts, my camera, now that stuff I am attached to.

  15. Good thing you could get everything off you laptop. I've had that happen to more before it is so scary thinking you're going to lose everything.

  16. Sorry about your laptop! That is so frustrating.
    Just a word of warning - my external hard drive crashed on me not to long ago.
    When it did I lost four years worth of photos :(
    Thankfully I had printed a lot of them up so I have actual physical copies of photos from that time!
    But so sad to lose the originals.
    I now also back up photos at an on-line site!

  17. I used to, but over time have really learned to purge when the time comes. We replaced our laptop this summer. It started with the cord not charging when plugged into the laptop because it was bent? Dh took it apart to fix, then lost a teeny tiny piece that holds the keyboard in place. :0(
    Have to say that I was THRILLED with the new one! Good luck with letting go when the time comes....


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