Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Decorative Pumpkins, who would have thought they could be so pretty?

My daughter Ashley and I email each other decorating ideas, cupcakes, cool photos and (of course) shoes that we like.
Well one day she emailed me an idea on how to decorate your pumpkins.
The blog I am referring to is Between Naps on the Porch. I love her blog, her home and of course her porch.
Ashley decided that we needed to make these.
So off I went to purchase some pumpkins.
Then some ribbon. We didn't realize how much ribbon we were going to need for 3 of them.
So I picked her up from work today to get the rest of the ribbon.

           Here is our display:)
I really like how they turned out. The photo doesn't do them justice as it is night and this is in the hallway, so just take my word on it, they turned out quite pretty.                  

Today didn't go as planned.
Here is my TO DO list.
Here is what I really got done today:
Drove Kristy to school.
Checked email and replied to YouTube comments
Checked emails and replied to and watched YouTube.
Lunch with Ashley and Heather, picked up ribbon.
Checked emails and replied to and watched YouTube.
Picked up Kristy and Blake.
Groceries consisted of frozen pizza for supper.
Checked emails and replied and watched YouTube.

See the pattern here, lol.

Hope you all had more of a productive day than I did ;)

Tracy :)


  1. I love pumpkins. There is so much you can do! These are VERY pretty!

  2. Lovely! I would love to buy the craft ones and save, ut they are stinkin' expensive! Suppose I could get real ones and do something! Just have one on theporch with some apples from our tree that are not good eating or baking ones...

  3. Oh I love this idea! I'll have to check out the site as well. Thanks for sharing Tracy.

  4. Ha ha ha! I love how your day went. Some days you just need to vegetate. I actually redid my foam board color cubbies. I made them bigger and used the old ones for storing other tools I need at hand. I was able to fit all of my prismacolor pencils in one slot. I need more of those to and more water color pencils. I now have every medium, except for oil Paints, at hand. Now I need to go and finish up the little gift bags for my daughters Halloween party tomorrow.

    I almost forgot. The pumpkins are so pretty. I think next year I'm going to buy those fake carvable pumpkins and decorate them.

  5. Love the pumpkins! I'm so glad to read that someone else starts the day with good intentions, and then......well, you know.

  6. Lots of U tube watching and chauffeuring, me thinks.
    There's always tomorrow.
    Pretty pumpkins

  7. these are just too cute! i just love fall and halloween decorations!

  8. Tracy,
    The pumpkins turned out really cute. Boy, you are one organized woman with your to do list, sure wish I can be half as organized as you are.
    Great job
    Hugs, Stacy

  9. The pumpkins are really beautiful! Love the pine cones for embellishment.

  10. Those pumpkins are so pretty! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who creates a 'to do' list but doesn't stick to it...lol

  11. Those pumpkins are gorgeous! I love them!!!! I have days like that too. I make my daily lists the same way, with actual times like that! :)

  12. Your pumpkins are really elegant. Nicely done.

    My to do list never works out. Key is to keep 'Em short.

  13. best intentions eh? know how that works only too well, lol, love the pumpkin decorations too x

  14. I love your pumpkin display -- cool crow, too!

  15. I have learned that my to do lists can't be to long or they just don't get done most days :)

    Cool pumpkin display! :)

  16. Awesome display! Thank goodness I am not the only one who doesn't always get my list done.

  17. I love the pupmkins! What a great idea! Um, no one even wants to see my to do list...it may not fit in just one picture!

  18. Very nice job on the pumpkins. They look great! It's fun doing crafty things with our grown kids isn't it?

  19. Love the pumpkins!! I think they look AWESOME!!

    And thanks for sharing that blog! It looks like a great one to get ideas!!

  20. Such cute pumpkins....cracking up laughin at the youtube and emails....my nights go that way....blogs and emails!

  21. Work was quite productive and then I made dinner, but now dh is in the bedroom, napping. I need to measure him for his Halloween costume and get to sewing (my sewing machine is in the bedroom too, of course)

  22. sounds like our house , get some stuff done watch a few videos on youtube between breaks lol. throw a frozen pizza in the oven lolgo back and watch more vids on youtube while its cooking, girl has to have breaks too lol. love the pumpkins, they are gorgeous!! hugs Jo


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