Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Decorating

Remember my daughter "Ashley's" fall picture I shared yesterday, and told you it made me want to decorate for fall.
Well I did :)
I wanted to put some candies in these jars, so ran to the bulk food store. I thought to myself that each bag should cost about $5.00 a bag. Boy I was wrong, I walked out of there with $40.00 of candy, lol.
 I decorated my buffet table :)
I made that scarecrow years ago. I think she is adorable, love when I get to take her out of the Fall container.
That is not all the candy.....I think I may have bought to much...what do you think, lol.
 I bought these flowers last night. They came in a tacky plastic bucket....which the scarecrow is sitting on. So I plopped the plant in my Pumpkin candy dish.
 I put these flowers in this vase (its in the bathroom), but it seemed to be missing something. I found Rose's (our cat) tutu from last year and put it around the vase ;)
 Last but not least is the wreath I made last night while watching Castle.
I like how it turned out, but wish I had some black ribbon to tie it up with. I had used some of the crepe paper that I wrapped around the straw wreath. Wonder how long it will hold up ;)
Some advice...if you plan on making one of these, you need a lot of glue and candy, lol.  I would use a smaller wreath.
I saw this here. I also added candy corn to jars. But it wasn't until I was all done that I noticed all our windows have wood separating the panes in the middle, so they can open.
So needless to say, I didn't get to put it up on our window sill :(
So that is about all for today.
Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving and I am having it at our house, as I do every year. I did get my dessert completed and the house tidy.
Hope you all had a creative weekend.

Tracy :)


  1. Everything looks awesome mom :) I bet half that candy will be gone after tomorrow ;)

  2. Lovely decorations. expensive candy-enjoy it all!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Your decorations are so cute. Please do me a favor and take a picture of those containers in a week so I can see how much is gone LOL. Also in case of desperation, please promise me to not rip the candy corn off of that beautiful wreath and eat it! And poor Rosey, a tutu? Okay so part of me is jealous because I would love to dress my kitty up but have fear she would attack me.

  4. Hi,
    i am write Michelle bei MIM that you will like to know how i make my set....


  5. Busy girl! Oh my WOW on the candy! It is amazing how fast it adds up when it seems like it is cheap?!

  6. my gosh your decorations are awesome! that wreath is to-die-for! can't do that here... it'll melt in the humidity and the ants will probably get to it! :D

    and you can never have too much candy!

  7. oh i love fall decorations!!so fun!

  8. Great decorations and the wreath is it :)

  9. Wow I put out one little pumpkin. I need to get busy. Your decorations are so motivating.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I love all your decorations, that wreath turned out awesome! I'm cracking up that you put Rose's tutu around the vase, you're so creative!

  11. fun! All that candy would be dangerous at my house ;)

  12. love all the decoration... you house will be very festive...thanks for sharing.. I love candy corn there sweet but i love them...

  13. I love all the decorations! Putting the tutu on the vase is a great idea! And that wreath is fabulous - my mom and I are on our way to buy the stuff to make it as soon as I'm done typing!

  14. Wow. Great decorations. And I love the addition of the tutu on the vase, it looks perfect.

  15. Great decorations Tracy! I love that candy corn wreath. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  16. Your decorations are beautiful, Tracy! Nice job on the candy corn wreath!

  17. Love your decorations! The candy corn wreath is awesome.

  18. Beautiful decorations. I love fall decor but I don't have much because I want to just buy it all and can never decide.

  19. Your scarecrow is adorable. Love the decorations.

  20. Love the candy wreath! It must really be feeling like fall in Canada! :)

  21. I love that candy wreath! I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


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