Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Night Scrapbooking and a Power Outage

            Tonight was Friday Night Scrapbooking :)
Thankfully the power didn't go off until my friends left.  
When we lose power the candles I use. are scented ;)
  The weather today has been rainy, cold and very windy. And because of this, we lost our power.
So this is a short post as I am sure it is going to happen yet again tonight.

When I was young I loved storms, I still do.
I loved to hear the rain beat on our tin roof.
I loved the eeriness of being in the dark, and watching the shadows move along the walls from the candle light.
I loved cuddling in my snuggy- like sleeping bag because we didn't have heat.
I loved the cozy feeling of my family all together sitting in the living room.
I just love long as everyone and every thing is okay after it all.

What about you, do you like storms?

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Sorry your power was out. We had rain and cold and the wind a couple of days ago. I would like to move somewhere where the wind doesn't blow quite so much. We get it bad as it blows off the Rocky Mountain front.
    I can pass on the storms.

  2. i like storms, i dont like storms interrupting my television shows...

  3. LOVE storms! Rarely have them here, and its a nice change to all the sun. And yay for sweet smelling candles! they always make things brighter! (i've got yankee candle sugar cookie burning right now... i'm on a no carb/no sugar diet so this is all the cookie i can get!)

  4. I love storms but I don't like to lose power. Luckily it's not that bad since we have a generator and it keeps our water and heat working (and the computers lol) We don't lose power that often, thank god. I love snow storms because everything outside becomes silent and "thick" and I love to cozy up under a blanket and stare out the windows at it.

  5. Mmm, I love sweet pea! :) I like storms too, for all the reasons you mentioned. Unfortunately a lot of the time when the roll in it seems like Mike it's on his way home from work and I'm worrying about him to get home safe. Then we can all be together.

  6. Love storms when I can lay in bed and listen to them. They aren't as fun when I have to be in them!

  7. I love watching lightening and like the sound of rain pattering on the roof....however slightly scared of thunder and eery windy noises. Love the excuse to dig out a lovely candle and snuggly blanket tho :)

  8. Oh I love storms's ok for the power to be off for a couple of hours...but after that it's just miserable!!!

  9. I love storms too - love to watch them and listen to them. I like to go out and sit on my front porch and just watch the light show.

  10. YES, I love storms! Rain storms, snow storms... It's all good to me! NOT a fan of losing power though, but I love the warmth I feel when the family needs to huddle around candles and kerosene heaters! Hey, if ya have any pumpkin patch pictures or layouts to share, link them up on my blog and I'll leave ya lovin's back!!

  11. I love storms too, we really do not get much for storms here- not like when I grew up in Calgary or visited MB.
    I Hate having the power out (now), as we are on acreage, and that affects toilets, etc!

  12. as long as there is no snow involved. LOL love the name of that candle. reminds me of someone. LOL


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