Thursday, October 6, 2011

Heart Journal Challenge week 11- Thankful Thursday

Here are my pages for the He-art Journal challenge I am taking.
Wow it has been 11 weeks and I have not missed one yet.
  WEEK 11 - Bloom & Grow

Assignment: Create a spread or a page using the concept of growth. Use any stamps you want, colors, etc. Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!
Tip: stuck on what to journal about? Randomly pick a word or phrase and see where it takes you. You'll be surprised at what creativity it will trigger. 

I have told you before and I will tell you again, I am NOT an artist, I can't draw my way out of a paper bag.
But this looks pretty good, if I do say so myself, lol.
I tricked you, I am an excellent tracer, lol.
This is my daughters school photo. I photo copied it, flipped it, then traced it.
I then went over the lines with my Copic multi liner and coloured in the image.
Of course I played with the hair...have you ever seen a school photo with wind blown hair ;)
        Because the challenge was to do with growth or bloom. I stamped a flower stamp around the edges of the pages. I journaling is about how my girls have grown into women. I love these girls. They make me feel good about myself and they are people that you just want to be around. I look forward to seeing them everyday.          
 Here is a close up of the drawing/tracing.
When I was doing this Kristy (as it was her school photo) told me she didn't want me to draw her.
I told her "Believe me, when I am done with it, you won't know who the heck it is", lol
Funny, as with the colour of the hair, it looks more like my daughter Ashley.
When I thought I was finished with this page, I thought it looked odd. I forgot to draw on her eyebrows :)
      This page is not what I had in mind for this challenge.
I thought I was going to get on this one early (ya right, me, miss procrastinator). But I had a sketch kind of drawn out. I was going to have flowers all over the pages, a mushroom and some fairies. It was suppose to be all mystical.
Nice sketch eh....told you I can't draw, lol.
Those flying turtles are the fairies ;)
 Then I was checking out a YouTube video of this woman that draws, colours, paints, real cool pictures of dolls or women. They have big eyes, and they just had me mesmerized.
Of course me being me, I thought "I could draw that", lol.
So here is my sketch on that one.
I couldn't get the shape of the face right, so I turned to Kristy's school photo :)

Onto My Day:
Cleaned up my pigsty house.
Took some business calls.
Put a bid in for some cards and tags that Nicole is auctioning off to help a young man and his family, as he is battling stage 1 cancer and he is only 17.
Ran to the grocery store....It is our Thanksgiving this Monday so I needed a turkey :)
More or less seemed to putter the rest of the day. So no creating for me today.
Waiting for hubby to get home so we can go out and vote.

Thankful Thursday
1. Donated to breast cancer today at the grocery store. I watched a program last night about women who were battling breast cancer. I bawled like a baby. 2 out of the 5 women passed away after.
2. Cleaned my house....I still have a long way to go on that one.
3. Drove Kristy's friend to school again.....also told her to just wait for me to take Kristy in the morning and I will take her as well, lol.
4. Still only had 1/2 can of pop. Yup I will kick the habit by the end of next week...hopefully :)

What are you proud of today?

Tracy :)


  1. You drew that?!! That's amazing!!!!

  2. Um wow, I can't even TRACE that good. Beautiful work, love the hair!

  3. rofl!!! That sketch of kristys face is hilarious. It deserves to be on the fridge! The final image looks really nice. I WISH my hair was like that.

  4. what the BEEEP! Wow that is awesome!!!! I am proud of todays post and that I know people like you:0)

  5. Tracy-What an awesome job you'd dairy your daughter's photo. That was a great idea too.
    No posting for me tonight.
    I just ran out of time and then we drove 3.5 hours down the road to Billings.
    Curtis is meeting his aunt to see about renewing the family brand from when they had their farm way back when.
    Looking forward to our turkey dinner . We will be celebrating on Monday since I work all weekend. My son-in-law loves that became into a family where we celebrate not one, but two Thanksgivings.

  6. Very cool , I love it and thought the pic looked like Kristy with red hair. Ha ha. How funny. She has those brilliant blue eyes.

  7. wow this is amazing! love the journaling!

  8. Agree with all the WOW comments, quite amazing you are so clever and talented

  9. This is beautiful, Tracy! I think you are selling yourself short! You are an artist - a growing artist and it shows! Beautiful!

  10. The journal page is great! You did amazing with that drawing. Love that you shared your sketches. The bottom one looks exactly like the corpse bride from Tim Burton's movie, so you see, you can draw. :)

  11. You did a great job with the drawing. I loved the sketches, too, and I'm sorry, but the fairies really do look like flying turtles. hahaha. I'm not very good at drawing either, but if I put an effort into it and I'm bored enough, I can get pretty creative with stick figures.

  12. What a great idea to flip it and trace it! See, this is why you are so much better at Art Journaling than me :)

  13. You had me going when I first seen that drawing of your daughter! I got a real chuckle out of the "flying turtles" reference!

    I'm proud that my daughter was one of the better behaved children at her school field trip on Thursday. I'm proud that I'm financially conscientious that I can stay home and be able to go with my kids to things during the day instead of having to work. I'm proud that I'm still plugging away at my crafts, but need to go faster or stop for a while. Oh and that my carpets got shampooed this week. Big proud of myself there! ;^)

  14. Fantastic artwork, looks amazing!

  15. Absolutely stunning Tracy, you should be so proud of this.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x


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