Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If I can't have my pop, here is some Pop Art

              My sister, Julia, lives in the country, and her friend has a farm.
So Julia gave me a dozen farm fresh eggs :)
I am so proud of this photo...I took it !!!! :)
Told you I get a good one every once in awhile, teehee.
I showed this to Heather and she told me " Thats actually really good mom". Hummm I guess I'll take that as a compliment, lol.
             I didn't get a chance to do anything creative today.
So I am going to show you a few pieces of art that my daughter Kristy did.
She coloured them all with Sharpie markers.
It is a project she has to do for school.
They had to pick a pop artist and redo their art. She had to create the artist on how they think the artist would have done it in modern day.
Can you tell which artist Kristy picked ?
 As with most things with Kristy (and I) once we do something we really like we tend to do more....
and more
 and more ;)
This one is one of my favourites ;)   Well this one and of course the coca-cola one ;)
Onto My Day:
I ended up working most of the day. A lot of faxing went on today.
I ran to Michael's tonight. I needed some Stazon ink and couldn't find mine :(    I either forgot it at camp, or it is in amongst my is probably the later.
It may be a late night for me as I am working on my He-Art journal.

If you know who Kristy chose as her artist, I will choose one of you for some blog candy.
I will pick a winner on Sunday :)

Hope you had a creative Wednesday.



  1. I love Kristy's artwork! After all, who can resist Andy Warhol anywayz?! :) Sorry to hear you weren't able to craft earlier today, but I am looking forward to seeing your heart journal!


  2. No creating for me either. love your photo and Kristy' s art.
    I was cleaning my garden out and putting away outdoor furniture.
    A nap was more important this afternoon.
    Then I had Kirsten and the kids over for dinner.

  3. you told me on the phone so I won't tell.
    Just wanted to pop by and say hey ya! TTYS
    Need to get cracking on a mini album. I need some inspiration. LOL
    Got a new vid for you to peek at. Hugs,Pea

  4. The egg picture turned out awesome!

  5. Andy Warhol! That's my choice!

  6. Your picture does look rather fantastic! You are giving Ashley a run for her money :) Kristy's pictures look awesome! I like the play on words with pop art and the pop cans :) I just hate when I can't find something I know I already have. At least you have a Michaels close by.

  7. I thought Andy Warhol too - those are great, and the egg picture is so shiny!! TFS

  8. Andy Warhol! Fun, love the kit kat one!

  9. Those are super fun! My husband works with another teacher that raises chickens and she has offered us eggs whenever we want them!

  10. Great shot of the farm-fresh eggs, Tracy! And, Kristy's Andy Warhol project looks great!

  11. Tracy,
    I love that egg picture, very vibrant
    Hugs, Stacy

  12. What did you do to make the eggs so shiny? Great photo, by the way. My parents used to keep Rhode Island Reds and so my roommates and I were often the recipients of the many many eggs the hens laid.

    Kristy's Andy Warhol (that's my guess) renditions are fabulous. Great job.

  13. My daughter would have also chose Andy Warhol. I love your daughters drawings, especially the Coke one.

  14. My choice is Andy Warhol... My brother created a similar piece of are with his computer! He used a picture of his son and the result is also (I say also because your daughter's job is really great) amazing!

    Love Andy Warhol!

  15. Love all of her work, what a great artist she is! And love your photo too! :)

  16. You did a good job on the photo!

  17. I wanna say the name, but I drew a blank; it would be cheating now as I glimpsed it scrolling down and went aha!
    You could frame that egg picture for your kitchen!

  18. I love it, Andy Warhol is so iconic and she captured his style so well! I love the Coke ones and your egg picture, which is awesome!

  19. That's a very cool pic, but it looks like those shiny eggs are fresh outta the chicken's butt!

  20. Andy Warhol! Great renditions! Great photo too, makes me want chickens so I can have some of my fresh eggs.


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