Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Pink Spider Web Mini Album

bJust wanted to share how awesome the Walking Dead has been this season.
Very Intense  :)

Here is my Pink Spider Web Mini Album
I will share photos tomorrow, as I didn't get photos taken today.
But I will share the videos I did :)
This video is how I had made the Album from start to finish.
I have been asked if I could share how I have made my minis step by step.
But by the time I have put up the video, it is complete. So that is kind of hard to do, lol.
So I made a video from start to finish. Not sure if I will be doing this to many times, as it is a lot of work and not to fun, lol.

Here is the finished mini.
So if you don't care on how I have made the album, then just watch this video on the finished album ;)
Hope you enjoy it :)

Onto My Day:
I went to Montana's with Kristy, her boyfriend Blake and his mom Carrie.
It is Carrie's Birthday tomorrow, so the kids wanted us all to go out for lunch.
How sweet eh?

I have been getting to many comments on my YouTube channel, so trying to reply to everyone.
Believe me I am not complaining.
I think I will catch up on more of them tomorrow as I have to catch up on my book work :)

Hope your weekend was great and you got some creating done :)

Tracy :)


  1. WOW! I can't believe you MADE that album, like cut it out MADE it! Awesome. I love the way it turned out too! I think my favorite page is the one with the girl sitting on the two sparkly pumpkins :) Thanks for sharing your process with everyone :)

  2. She'll love it Tracy! It's amazing how much work goes into "mini" albums sometimes. Just wonderful!

  3. Love this album girl. You blow my mind with your skills. I LOVE IT. Loved both vids and had a chuckle or two as well. tee hee.
    Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  4. Love this! I just love spiders!
    Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog 

  5. OH MY!!!!!!
    this is so awesome! I love it!!!!!

  6. We are watching The Walking Dead too, love it! Between watching that and An American Horror Story, I am going to need therapy!!

  7. I love the pink and black, but have to admit the spider is creeping me out a bit. I suppose that's the whole point, lol!

  8. Oh wonderful! Thanks for the videos. Kim

  9. Wow!!! This is super duper creative! Very very clever design! Fabulous work!

  10. What a fun album! All the pages are super cute.

  11. She is going to LOVE that mini album!! How cute in the pink and black combo too!

    And girl, the nails are to die for (pun intended)!!

  12. Gorgeous album, love it.:)
    All the pages are so beautiful and cute.
    Well done.:)

  13. Such a cool album! Thank you for sharing all of the details of how you made it! I'm very inspired now.:)

  14. GREAT Album!! You are so talented!! :) I love your blog because it always inspires to go be crafty :) TFS

  15. Scroll Saw! Jumpin' Jellybeans, you are pro! It turned out fantastic. I'm sure your swap partner will flip over it.

  16. Oh Tracy I love this album! Thank you so much for leaving me some love on my blog! You are the only one that comments! lol Anyway, I haven't forgot about your pkg that I said I was going to send you.. I have been down in my back all week again! Im so over all this crap! It seems like when I turned 40 everything has fallen apart! Anyway, I will try my best to get it out this week!

  17. Tracy,
    Wow, this is stunning. I love all of the detail. Your mini albums are always great
    Hugs, Stacy

  18. Love this album, it gave me lots of ideas as I watched. :-)

  19. Absolutely awesome. Love your work. I found you on youtube and followed you over to your blog. What a fun site!


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