Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Proud Tuesday and page 1 of the first Halloween mini.

            I thought I would show something crafty today, as it seems like its been awhile.
Here is the first page of my mini album. I am not completely done with this yet though.
I am making it for a young girl.
She wanted a Halloween album in pink and black.
So some of the pages are pink, and other pages (such as this one) have pink on the coloured images.
The Pumpkin girl is attached to a pocket. I am going to put pink tags throughout this mini.
 This photo is for you Dena ;)
You wanted to see my cupboard doors open, so here you go, lol.
I hate looking at this photo. I have a thing about cupboard doors needing to be closed.
It drives me crazy when they are left open.
I even close the cupboard doors when I go visit as well, lol.
My family  teases me by keeping them open.....they are so mean to me, lol.
 Update on the gravel truck.
Wayne took this photo tonight.
I don't think anyone will be driving it anymore :(
Proud Tuesday:
I didn't drink any pop today :)
Did my walk on the treadmill this morning.
Worked on my HeArt Journal....not happy with it though.

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Tracy :)


  1. That truck looks so sad.
    Great looking mini-album.
    I would drive you crazy--I leave cupboard doors open. I think it is in my genes--my mother used to do it and my sister does too. Curtis always makes fun of me about it.
    I worked all day and now on days off again.
    Soon will have lots of days off, as I am going to just registry in Dec. Yahoo!!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing more on the mini, I too hate cupboard doors and even drawers left open, I sometimes follow dh around closing them after him thankfully are loo lid is soft close as that drives me mad even more seeing the lids up!!

  3. wow what an awesome first page!

    i hate by cabinets and drawers open as well and my boys CONSTANTLY leave them open

  4. Great start to the mini, I love that pumpkin border!

  5. Your space looks so fun! I love the page!

  6. I'm loving that pocket on the page! Why do I feel like I just saw you with yore pants down??? Lol! Thanks for sharing your open cabinet doors with us, as hard as it was :) Fires are so scary, I can't believe all the damage!

  7. Cupboards do look so much better with the doors shut LOL :) Though yours is very tidy :) The mini book looks great, tho the gravel truck not and well done on your proud moments :)

  8. Love your pages - that pumpkin girl is adorable. I, too, hate cabinet doors open!

  9. You brave woman LOL! I love it. Everyone shows how they have a "pretty room" but I've noticed not everyone shows what's behind closet doors. Good to know your nice and organized in those cabinets. My proud Tuesday - I spent the whole day crafting and not shopping!

  10. I love the pumpkin girl on your mini! So cute! Hope you share the entire mini when it's all done!! :)

  11. Very cute on the album! And that's too bad about the truck - I'll have to read back & see what happened. :-(

  12. You should be proud of that cupboard. It looks really neat!

  13. Tracy,
    It looks like another great mini is in the making. Wow @ that truck. That is something
    Hugs, Stacy

  14. Oh poor truck. So glad Wayne wasn't hurt! My goodness how scary! Love your mini - it looks awesome. And your cupboards look so organized! Look at all that yummy stuff! :)

  15. I love neatness and organization! :)

    Your mini looks fabulous, as always.

    That poor truck has definitely seen better days. Glad no one was hurt, and that the fire was contained.

  16. Hi Tracy
    A really fabulous design, love your image and colouring too. This looks like it's going to be a fabulous mini.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  17. Great start to the Halloween Mini!Can't wait to see the rest soon!

    I don't like doors open either, but I have a problem getting just one of my cabinet doors closed in the kitchen. I think your cabinets look pretty tidy.

    The truck looks even worse than I imagined it would!


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