Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stamps and closing up the cottage.

             Look at the fun I bought today :)
My friend, Debbie, bought some stamps from Kijiji a couple of weeks ago. Then the lady she purchased them from emailed her. Her and her friends were selling some more stamps and gave her 1st dibs :)
Well whats a good friend to do, but call me up and ask me to join in on the savings :)
All of these are retired Stampin' Up stamps :)
If you click on the photo it may enlarge (I'm not sure).
Tracy's gonna have some stamping fun :)
 What is wrong with this photo?
It was a chilly morning on Saturday. Here is Wayne and his dad, chatting outside.
Wayne is the crazy guy in his t-shirt and shorts, crazy eh?
Wayne's dad also informed me he was wearing his long johns, lol.
 We were a bit surprised to see this at camp.
I thought this was Howard's horse, but it turns out its a mule or donkey.
He is from the States and brought it up here to help him moose hunt. I am guessing it doesn't spook the game like a quad does.
 Here are some beautiful fall photos from this weekend.
 Here is our road on our last day at the cottage.
I always feel so sad come year end. It saddens me to close up camp :(
We will be back, hopefully before the snow stays, but with no water and having to use the outhouse, it just isn't the same ;)
So my week will be consist of working on month end.
It has been crazy busy, which is good.
I am hoping to put together a card or two though. It helps to keep me sane, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Sunday.



  1. Nice drive into your camp. The trees are starting to look wonderful. About the same around here. We still are enjoying summer-like weather--still have my capris and sandals on.
    I can take this for a while yet.
    Don't work too hard this week and I hope you get some time to make a card or two. I always enjoy seeing what you are creating.

  2. haha a donkey was at camp? how would that even help for hunting?

  3. Lol on the contrast of dh and his dad!
    Wow on the stamp lot! I loved the vintage set with the typewriter, etc. Have FUN!

  4. Wow! lots of great stamps and a lovely looking donkey..... and wayne well he must have been freeaing! enjoy your card making x

  5. what fun you are going to have with the stamps! i so love all your stamping projects!!!

  6. Tracy,
    Congrats on your stamps, I am sure you are going to have some fun! I love the pics you shared. The only thing I miss by living in Florida is the changing of the trees for the fall season
    Hugs, Stacy

  7. Congrats!!! And love those stunning photos! Lovely scenery!!!

  8. Oh cute stamps! Looks like a horse to me too!

  9. Sad to see summer go. But you'll have lots of great stamps to keep you company. I almost bought that one set with the old fashioned fan and stuff. Looks like a lot of fun!

  10. That mule is so pretty!!! And fun stamps deal!!! You got some GREAT ones in there!

  11. Enjoy your new stamps!!
    And I would have thought horse to at first, but the face kind of looks mulish :)

  12. Those stamps will be great for coloring! :) I know you are bummed about closing up camp, hope you get up there a couple of more times before it gets too cold though!

  13. I have a couple of those stamp sets myself. Need to blow the dust off them and make some cards.;-) It is gorgeous at your cottage! I would be bummed too, when it came time to close up. Have fun creating! :-)

  14. How awesome that you didn't have to go looking for the stamps, they came looking for you! What a good friend you were to take those off her hands. ;^)

    Some people just don't need to bundle up for some reason. That wouldn't be ME or my hubby! LOL!

    Fall is actually when we START our camping excursions, so hubby finally brought the camper out the pole barn yesterday for our next few camping trips coming up soon.

  15. You picked up some great stamps. I have been doing so much shopping lately that it is almost insane. I finally sold a house and had a LOT of extra money and a nice big chunk went to supplies, including more copics lol. I love this time of year. I'm sorry it's a little sad for you it would make me even sadder to know I had to use an outhouse. That just wouldn't happen. Okay and about that guy on the mule, first of all who goes moose hunting? and second why would you own a mule to specifically go moose hunting? Weird.

  16. Wow - I can't believe your leaves are turning already!

    Looks like a nice stash of stamps. I love the vintage typewriter.

  17. I love your blog and your post. I have tried to follow but my computer is being very stubborn.
    Thank you for dropping by I love comment's.

  18. Great photos! You guys had a great summer there, it must be hard to let go knowing the snow is coming. I'm sad for you! LOL. Love the photos. Have fun with your new stamps!

  19. Great pictures, it's always a sad time when closing the cottage for the winter, next week the temp. is supposed to go up in the 70's (we get American weather here) Awesome score on the stamps, those hedgies are so cute and oh so hard to find.

  20. the stamps are amazing.. love those vintage ones on the bottom left.. ohhh how I would love some of those!!!!!


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