Saturday, October 15, 2011

Step One...cleaned my desk

             I cleaned my scrap/craft room today!!!!    :)

OK truthfully...I only got to the desk :(
Wow is my room in disarray.....that is a nice way to its a frickin' mess.
But in this photo it looks pretty good, lol. Ohhh the magic of photography cropping :)
I have two white, thin shelves ( IKEA), I am thinking of putting them above my desk but below the layouts.
I would put things on there to inspire me on whichever project I am working on at the time.
Like right now I am in the middle of making 2 Halloween mini albums. So I would put Halloween stamps, embellishments and spooking things on the shelves.
Then I would change them up when working on another project or the season changes.
What do you think?

Heather, Wayne and I are having a "Bones" marathon.
I bought the newest season "6" and tonight we bought munchies and I am having some coca-cola and we are enjoying the evening :)

Hope you are having an enjoyable evening.

Tracy :)


  1. Isn't it amazing how fast our space gets out of hand! If you kept the embellishments being used it might lend extra inspiration.

  2. Enjoy your evening with family watching "Bones"
    My scrap area gets out of control very quickly.
    If you decided to get the shelves you will have to let me know how your idea of storing seasonal items goes.

  3. I love your scrap space! :-) I love the idea you have with the shelves. I hope you show us some pics when you get them up. :-)

  4. sounds like a good night! hubby and i was on a big bones kick too a few months ago. watched everything in about a month! waiting for the newest to come out on netflix. and i love the craft space! :) and the idea of the shelves.

  5. I love the idea of the shelves! I always like to take out items that inspire me for the season, but that means they are scattered about the living room. A shelf above the desk would be so perfect!

  6. I think your desk and, at least the area shown, look so organized, clean and clutter free! I'm jealous! You've inspired me to go clean up my craft room! I feel like my space is just a mess right now! I LOVE the idea of putting up the shelves and changing out your inspiration! Hope you enjoyed your Bones marathon and snacks, sounds like a GREAT night!

  7. Great space! Have a super day!

  8. It looks clean to me. Did you move your room around? I could have swore your workspace Had like a bookshelf or built in next to it. With my brain who knows what I'm thinking of LOL. I love the color of your walls. Red is my favorite color next to aqua.

  9. I love the idea of changing up the "inspirational space" but I think it only sounds good in theory. If it were me, I'd never really put things away and bring new things out on a regular basis. I'm terrible for jumping from project to project and not really seeing them through in a true order. (Maybe that's why my desk is a tornadic fallout of mish-mashed embellishments and themes at any given momen!)

  10. Jealous! Now head over here and make some sense of mine, k? Ha!

  11. The shelf sounds like a great idea! Nice cropping- your room looks great! ;0p

  12. Oh, very neat! I love the red wall and your display of pages!

  13. Wow! Your desk is clean. I wish I could say the same for mine. It stays clean for about 30 seconds then it's a mess again.

  14. That is a great idea girl! I love the way you think and crop your pics. Ya wanna come clean mine? It is a certified nightmare. Worse then any zombie movie. blah. LOL
    I so need to clean the whole house. Oh there is tomorrow.


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