Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sweet Happy Mail

Today my day was spent working.
I was getting frustrated for a bit....I hate phoning to remind customers that their bill is overdue.
Well during this time I noticed the mailman came by.
I like to say "hi" to the mailman if I see him coming. So I met him at the door and he handed me a package...not a bill :)
So that put a smile on my face.
Then I checked the return address and it was from Leslee. My friend who (is a Canadian) who lives in Montana. She gave me shopping advice over the internet during our travel there :)
She made me such a sweet card. I love this tag she made to put in the pocket at the front of her card.
 This really did put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.
Not only did she send my a heartfelt card (I took a picture of the card, but I think my camera ate it as I it didn't show up when I posted) she also sent me some Magnolia stamps.
She knows I love these cute images, and she hadn't even used them !!!!
So thank you so much Leslee, you are so sweet.

Onto My Day:
Drove Kristy to school.
Went to my SIL's to pick up some bookwork.
Went to my second SIL's to pick up some bookwork.
Then my jeep "dinged" as I was running low on gas. So went to fill up the gas tank.
Ran to McDonald's (as it is across the street from the gas station, plus I didn't eat breakfast) for a Sausage and egg McGriddle. Do you ever eat something and then can't finish the last bite and need to spit it out? You can't even swallow it? I get like that, or maybe is was just because of my breakfast, lol.
Then as I was almost home I noticed Kristy's friend walking to school, late I might add. So I gave her a ride.
Then finally came home and worked all day.

Proud Tuesday:
I am almost finished month end.
Didn't take a nap, as much as I wanted to ;)
I only drank 1/2 a can of pop....I am weening myself here, lol.
I had to really reach for these things today, as I am not feeling very proud lately.....if you saw my house you would understand why.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?

Tracy :)


  1. Glad the stamps arrived safely across the border. Enjoy using them, because they were just sitting in my stash.
    I am super pooped from working the last two days.

  2. Tracy,
    I love those magnolia stamps! How awesome!
    I had a busy day as well... My odd fractured her ankle so I went to her house to clean it for her and we also watched old home movies! I had so much fun with her today! I miss her so much! She is almost 25! So hard to believe! I dont get to see her much because she is in her last year of college! She started late lol! She is going to be a child physcologist! I am so proud of her! Please send me your mailing address to www.t_mwalker@hotmail.com . I want to send you something!

  3. Yay! Gotta love happy mail! Oh, something new for you to colour!

  4. I made art today.... and I love how things turned out!

  5. Getting a package like that always puts a smile on my face. :-) I started my son's quilt. Can't wait to see what you create with those new stamps!

  6. Oh happy mail! What a nice friend:) Looking forward to seeing how you create with these cuties!

  7. Oh that recipe card is adorable and it was so sweet of Leslee to send you those stamps!!!! I'm glad you're almost finished with your bookwork, I bet you balance on your first try this morning, get your house cleaned up and them have the rest of the day to work on that awesome design team mini! Who says it can't be a proud Wednesday? Lol!

  8. Adorable card and stamps. I am actually back to running, so hat made me feel good.

  9. love the recipe card and the stamps are very nice.. can't wait to see what you come up with.. thanks for sharing..

  10. What a sweet card and cute stamps!
    And a good friend :)

    Today I exercised and have only missed one day in the past three weeks. So I am definitely feeling pretty proud of myself!!

  11. Such cute stamps! It's always nice to get something other then bills in the mail, isn't it?

  12. Magnolia Stamps are always too cute! How sweet your friend sent you some along with the pick-me up card!

    And how nice were you to give your daughter's friend a lift to school when she was running late! You are such a sweetheart and so thoughtful!

    Too bad you have to make the yucky calls to get your money. That's never fun.

    I am proud of myself today because I got my house (mostly) cleaned up for the appraiser to see it this morning. I just won't know where in the hell I put everything now when I need it! LOL!!

  13. Those stamps are so cute, that was very nice of her! btw...I would HATE to have to call people about overdue bills...don't know how you do it.

  14. Love the tag and super cute stamps! Hugs!

  15. Nice to get "happy mail" -- cute stamps!

  16. I love a happy mail day! Love the tag and the cute images!

  17. OOOooo happy mail. Today I go NO mail. I'm assuming my mail woman was out sick or had the day off because whoever takes over for her always decides not to deliver the mail to our house. Not even a single piece of junkmail. I have a bazillion packages coming in the mail and I know some of them were supposed to be here today. Rant over lol.

    Okay I admit that the Magnolia stamps are cute but it creeps me out a little bit that they have no "faces" it reminds me of the Twilight Zone movie.

    That was really nice of you to pick up your daughter's friend. You can be proud of that too. I'm proud that I spent a whole bunch of money on scrappy supplies today and hung out with my little girl. Tomorrow I will be proud that my little boy is turning 6! 8D


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