Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time, do we ever have enough?

 Short post tonight.
I have to still finish up my challenge for this weeks He-Art Challenge.

I was colouring some images for my page.
I wanted to use water colour, but it just didn't seem to work for me today.
The challenge was to use 2 colours. So I figured I would use my water colour, because you can get so many shades with just one colour.
I used my aqua pen and I think too much water was coming out of it. As you can see, the colours ran....a lot.
So I used my copics instead. I just kept to the same colour.

               Copics                                Water markers with aqua pen

I need an extra week in this month.

I have a few things that I wanted to get done before month end.
I wanted to finish Claudia's Halloween mini album, this one may get done though :)
I wanted to make my mini for my design team.
Totally clean the house.
Put all the outside furniture away.

Guess the house things will have to wait until next month ;)

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday.
Sending healthy vibes to my BIL, as he had his first cancer treatment today.

Tracy :)


  1. No, I don't think we have enough time. My days are always over way too quick. Good luck getting all your projects done.

  2. ++++ vibes for your BIL as well!

  3. Prayers and positive thoughts for your BIL. I love your image. So Halloweenish. :-)

  4. i never have enough time. it drives me crazy but it is all about priorities right? i just know some things just arent going to get done (like dusting -hehehehehehehe)

  5. Both pics are great, but when you compare the two, I agree the copics turned out better. You may be able to "fix" up the other one once dry though with a marker pen or with line shading like a comic with a black gel pen. I'd be giving it a try - it's still cool! :D

  6. Nope, there is never enough time. I think we all need to sign a petition so we can add more hours to the day. lol.

  7. I like them both, but the copic one is clearer. And I agree, never enough time in the day.

  8. Those are both really good, actually. I love the image! I choose to go with a more watercolor look sometimes and I like it!

  9. Sending well wishes to your BIL! And fabulous coloring!

  10. I can never get the aqua pen right. No, we never do have enough time particularly for crafting :-)

  11. Positive thoughts to your BIL...

    Love that image!!!! I have issues with my aqua pen too, not sure why. Maybe my fingers push too hard :) My house needs a good cleaning this weekend! But I have some other things that will probably push that down on the list!

  12. Prayers and positive thoughts going to your BIL. You're brave for trying water colors. Must say you did a much better job than I ever have with those tools from the I'll stick with my copics and pencils.

  13. Just don't sweat the small stuff. The house'll be there next month. Sending up a prayer for your BIL.

  14. Great job! I like them both! :)

  15. I don't necessarily need more time but I definitely want it. I think I mentioned before that I don't like to sleep because I think it is a waste of time lol. There are so many other things I'd rather be doing. House work always comes last in this house. If I died tomorrow I don't think anyone is going to care that my house wasn't spotless. But they will appreciate all the messy art projects I left behind.

    I did have kind of a creative Wednesday. My daughter had her halloween party, she is spider girl this year. I didn't even know there was a spider girl so I wanted her to look more anime, manga. I just happened to watch a youtube video showing how to make a hair bow (using your own hair) so that is what I did. And yes I took pictures of it!

    I will keep your BIL in my thoughts. It is an awful process but I wish him a speedy recovery.

  16. I love them both! If you figure out how to get an extra week, can you send one my way?

    Sending prayers for your BIL.

  17. They both look cute! I have not gotten near enough done today...or this week. I'm sorry about your bil - wishing him a speedy recovery.

  18. Saying prayers for your BIL! Cute and creepy image, I love it! hehe TFS

  19. I Like them Both too... Thats what I been doing is cleaning.. Its not fun so dont worry about it.. HAHAHAHA


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