Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yes Fall is in the Air

                Don't you just LOVE this photo!?!
I do. I have it as my desk top, and it just makes me smile. It makes me want to decorate my home for Fall.
One of the reasons why I LOVE this photo so much is, not only because it is stunning, but because one of my talented daughters took it :)
My oldest daughter Ashley has a gift and a passion for photography. She has an eye for this, and she gets in some odd postitions to take the perfect picture.
She is doing P365 again this year.
If you are interested you should really go and check out her new blog. Ashabella.
 Here is my photography for today.
Heather had to work today.
The Pit is closed on the Saturdays that we have long weekends.
But the trucks still need to be greased, so Heather still has to work them.
So I took her to work. It takes about 7 hours for her to grease all the trucks. So I did some book work as I waited, stamped some projects and then went for a drive around the pit and got some pretty shots of the beautiful trees around the pit.
 Excuse all the rock and sand piles.....but this is a gravel pit after all, lol.
 When I was driving Heather out to work this morning, the sun shining on the trees was just breathtaking.
But go figure I didn't have my camera with me.
After I brought her to work I went back home to get my camera.
But of course the sun wasn't as bright, so my photos weren't as breathtaking :(
Onto My Day:
Brought Heather to work and did some work myself.
Hubby went moose hunting....thankfully didn't get one...shhhhhh don't tell him ;)
Did a few errands, like picking up the rest of our perscriptions
Picked up a couple things to decorate our home....see told you that photo makes me want to decorate :)
Started a Autumn wreath, hopefully share it with you tomorrow....if it turns out ;)
Now Heather, Wayne and I are watching Castle season 3.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and have a creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Your trees are beautiful!!! Ours have just started turning- they have a long way to go yet. We need a good frost to get them going.
    Busy day at work and I am pooped
    Love Ashley's photo too.

  2. Yes, she does have a gift and it made me think instantly oh I want to decorate. LOL Oh peas in a pod I tell ya;)
    Your pictures are beautiful too. It sounded stunning this morning. Maybe next time you will get that pic. Can't wait to see the wreath. I did a card, yes a new one and it on my blog. See I can get something done. LOL

  3. beautiful pictures!!! your daughter's picture of the pumpkin is awesome!

  4. Love the pics you put up today especially Ashley's, by the way prescription $120 what on earth is it?

  5. Most of our leaves have fallen off the past couple of days. Love Ashley's photo!

  6. That IS an awesome pic that Ashley took! Your pics aren't too shabby either! Ha! I was overlooking the sand and gravel and focusing on the trees, like you said :) We've had a really weird spell of warm weather here, still in the 80's for us! Makes it seem not so fall like, even though the decorations are up. Can't wait to see your wreath and I hope your Thanksgiving prep is going smoothly!

  7. Your daughter is definitely talented. I have so many friends that consider themselves photographers but they just don't have that "it" factor. I have one friend that does have it and her pictures are spectacular like your daughters. I'm cracking up that your husband went moose hunting. First because of the comment I made on your earlier post and second because I think it just sounds funny and bizarre because well, we don't have moose here.

  8. What gorgeous pictures! I love fall. Our trees are just to the point where I am ready to take some pictures myself. I'm hoping to go for a drive tomorrow with my camera and take some shots. I would say that your daughter gets her eye for art from her mom. :-)

  9. Hi Tracey...beautiful pictures :)
    I loved your halloween projects!!!
    have a nice week :)

  10. Those are lovely photos. Last time I try to comment on your blog it didn't work. I hope it works this time. The pics. on my post is vietnamese dumplings with shrimp and pork.

  11. I absolutely adore that little pumkin and the rest of your photos are absolute breathtaking, sun or no sun. I would love to be there right now!!!


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