Thursday, September 6, 2012

Card Share

Another card to share :)
This one is a stamp from La-La Lands called Marci with flower.
Aren't you so proud of me, I actually know the name of this stamp, lol.

Another pretty simple card.
I didn't have the exact colour of cardstock with me to back the image and the pattern paper.
So what I did (which I have shared before) was colour the edges of white cardstock with the same Copic marker that I had used for her shirt and backed them up with that...perfect match.
I then punched out the butterflies (doing the same technique) to match. I added a bit of sparkle to the bodies of the butterflies, but you can't tell in the photo.

This image reminds me of my niece Amanda when she was a wee little lass :)
Such a cutie.
I again coloured her up with my Copics.
Sorry I didn't record the colours I used on this one.

The inside of the card.
Again simple, I used some pattern paper and a recipe/index card.

Onto My Day:
I balanced month end ... first try. You can not believe how happy that made me. I was running around the house like a crazy woman whooping it up, lol.
Yes my daughters are used to this behavior, lol.

I picked Ashley up from work at lunch as her toe was sore. Seriously this girl is so stubborn, she should have just stayed home for a few days.
Hubby wanted to go to the cottage tonight, but I need another day at home, so we won't be going tonight.
So we are chillaxin' watching Breaking Bad.

Hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Another cutie!
    Woot on balancing! :0)

  2. Yay for the first try! My husband loves Breaking Bad. I think it's too violent for me!

  3. adorable card but when you pull those markers out, write it down before you color! Poor Ashley.
    So glad you made month end. yes, you are silly and why I like you. I don't feel so odd. LOL

  4. oh my so cute!!

    my hubby is sooo addicted to breaking bad- it is his favorite show- i on the other hand have never watched it.

  5. Clever coloring trick on your pretty card! Congrats on balancing the books first try. Hope you have a fun weekend.

  6. Adorable card! I love the addition of the butterflies.

  7. So pretty!
    I know I always say it, but your coloring is amazing! :)

  8. Fabulous once again - you are so talented at colouring - this is so so pretty. TFS

  9. I love this card. And that technique of making your own colors with the copics and white cardstock is great! You always have a perfect match then!

    That is awesome about the month end! I would definitely be running around the house too!

  10. Cute card, great job on the coloring

  11. She is very cute. You did an awesome job coloring her.

  12. what an adorable card. I love that image and your colouring is fantastic.

  13. I love the butterflies! Super sweet card!

  14. How cute! You do such a fantastic job at coloring these delightful images.

    Bonus in your post today! Edging the white card stock with the Copics to create the background mat. Thanks for that tip.

    Love you - Leslie

  15. La la land stamps are the first ones I purchased to color with copics. They are also all digital. I love them because they look so much like my daughter. Big fat cheeks, big eyes and little puckered lips and two nostrils. Yup that about sums up my daughters face, I kid you not LOL. Can't believe you didn't go up to the cottage and finally relaxed at home. Hope you have a good short trip up there. Hope Ashley's toe heals quickly and congrats on months end in one shot!

  16. So cute! Love those little butterflies. Great idea to mat it that way. It really does look like a regular cardstock mat.

  17. this is such a sweet card and I absolutely love the paper you've used and of course your coloring looks spot on great.


  18. Love all your cards Tracy! Wow you have been busy! Sorry about the migraines..:( I know how ya feel I have had 5 this week! Crazy huh? I go back to the dr on Thursday. I bet he changes my meds again. You rock those copics girl!
    Take Care!


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