Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Card, surgery and some ice-cream

We are having a bit of a storm here right now, thunder, lightning and rain, lots of rain.
So I am hoping I can post this and we don't lose power.

Today I am going to share a card I had made a couple of weekends ago up at the cottage.
I used this Penny Black stamp that I had purchased on my trip.
Isn't she so cute :)
I don't know why the ribbon looks so wonky? I had to use liquid adhesive as I forgot my tape gun at home. So maybe that is why it looks so wonky.
Or maybe its just from the shadows as I don't remember it looking like this in person.

 Here is a close up of the coloured image.
I coloured her up with my Copics :)
I take these markers with me everywhere, lol.
I love how her head is so big compared to her body, lol. Actually her head is the same size as her body and her bike, teehee.
So cute.

Oh and look, I actually put the markers aside for this one ;)

The inside of my card.
I used some of the left over papers from the front of the card, and of course my index/recipe card.

Onto My Day:
My daughter Ashley had to get surgery on her toe today :(
She had a cyst growing on her second toe and got it removed.
I was surprised on how laid back the doctor and nurses were.
Not only did they let me go into the room with her, but they also let me take photos of the surgery.
Yes, only in this house would someone think of taking photos of the incision, pulling and cutting out the cyst and the suturing of the incision. Ashley also took some on her phone, lol.
I didn't post the gory photos, boy am I considerate :)

The rest of my day was spent doing my book work for month end.
I also took Ashley for ice-cream after her surgery.
Whenever the girls had to get a needle, or anything like that, I would always take them for ice-cream or treat them for a chocolate bar.
So when she was done, she asked "Do I get ice-cream now" teehee.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. You're such a good mummy, getting ice cream for Ashley.
    Cute little card. she certainly does have a big head- kind of like the preemies I take care of.

  2. Very sweet card! Looks like your DD handled the surgery very well!

  3. Really pretty card...I think you could turn it into a get well card...something along the lines of...hope you are biking again soon!

  4. Great coloring! It was nice the doctors were laid back!

  5. This is such a sweet image and colored wonderfully! I just wanna know what color the yuck was in the cyst? As an ex health care worker that stuff is kind of cool ya know:)!!


  6. Thanks for not sharing the yucky ones! ;0)
    The girl is adorable for the reasons you gave! I was thinking of the "big head" so cute thing before I read it! :0D

  7. Very cute card. You have great coloring skills. Sorry to hear about your daughter-I hope she heals quickly. I'm glad you didn't post the gory pics. lol

  8. Hope Ashley is on the mend! She seemed pretty relaxed too. Beautifully colored image. Probably just shadows that give the ribbon a wavy look.

  9. Hope she is feeling better! Your ice cream tradition is so cute :) I love that cute card too.

  10. Such a fabulous card - love the colours you used. Maybe you can shoe us your photos of the op at Halloween:-)

  11. The card is really sweet-the image is just adorable! And good for you for holding on to tradition with the ice-cream. Hope she is feeling better soon!

  12. I wish I could color half as well as you!
    Adorable card!
    And glad it was a simple surgery and she is ok.
    No matter how small though as a mom, I know it's not easy :)

  13. SUPER cute card!!! She looks adorable! Glad the surgery went well.

  14. I'm glad Ashley's surgery went well! Your ice cream tradition is very sweet :)

    I love that you colored the girl's flower to match her bike!

  15. Glad the surgery went well and was minor. Ice cream is always the best answer (unless it is clothes shopping, which my daughter prefers).

  16. Your card is adorable and I love how cute that big headed girl is :) I'm shocked you didn't post the gory photos! I'm fully expecting a mini album! LOL

  17. Poor Ashley :-( Hope her toe gets to feeling better soon. You crack me up. I thought I was the only one that mortified my family members by taking photos of medical stuff :D

    Love your card. The girl is adorable and I love the way you have colored her up. Looks like she just came back from a bike ride with her rosy cheeks and windblown hair :D
    Love you - Leslie

  18. Card is adorable. But I bet you already knew that, lol. When I had my c-section with my son everyone at the hospital knew my husband so I have pictures upon pictures of my c-section. There is one with the doctor with my belly opened up where he is suturing me and looking at the camera and smiling. They were so busy taking pictures (the nurses, my doula, my husband) they forgot to give me my baby. I have those medical magazines all over my house that have the grossest pictures in them so I figure a little medical photo here and there can't hurt.


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