Friday, September 21, 2012

Closing up the Cottage..slowly.

Wayne and I are off to the cottage :)
Sadly we are closing it up for the season :(

Every year its the same thing. We say we are closing up camp, then we change our minds and come back the next weekend, lol.
So this year I said we are just going to embrace it and come back anyway.
So we have decided to close up, but not take out the water until next weekend :)

I better run and pack up as I we are leaving and I haven't even started yet.

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Always sad when it's time to say summer is really over. Have fun anyways

  2. Sad day, isn't it. Sadly, we closed our early this year too. I have my surgery in a week so we won't be back up there this year.
    We marina'd the boat this year as DH wasn't strong enough to launch it and pull it out etc.
    The marina fees are until Oct 15...we pulled it out a month early:(

    Oh well, next year to look forward too.

  3. Kind of sad for me. This is my second season (or is it my 3rd?) of living vicariously through you lol. This year was great. I loved reading about visiting with so much family and love all around. Hope your last two trips are nice and relaxing for you. Can't wait till next year ;)

  4. Bummer! It sounds like you have such a great time there.

  5. Enjoy, enjoy! Stretch out the season as long as you can.

  6. Yeap, summer went by fast. I still can't believe it's going to be Oct soon. 2012 is going by too fast.

  7. It has gone by SO fast. I can't believe it. Hope things go okay at camp :)

  8. I can't believe how fast summer has gone by. I hope you are able to close up the camp without any problems!


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