Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dancing Fairy and dancing lights

Today was a day full of work.
You wouldn't think that I have been working with all these cards I have been sharing. But these are the cards that I had made at my girls creative get away :)

This cute little girl is a CC Designs stamp. Isn't she just so cute :)
This is another simple card.
I used a stamp for the sentiment and then pieced the pattern papers under the sentiment.
Cut a border out of the paper and backed it with another piece of the pattern paper.

 I love to colour these images. The open areas are great to experiment with shading.
I coloured this little cutie with my Copics.
Her dress and boots are paper pieced.

The inside of my card.
I again used left over papers from the front of the card and recipe/index cards for a place for my message.

Onto My Day:
Like I said I worked all day. Well that isn't entirely true.
I got a migraine :(
When I get a migraine, I lose my vision. Well parts of my vision, I will look at someone and there will be a black spot where their nose should be, lol.
I also get dancing psychedelic rainbows in my peripheral vision. Funny how some people take drugs to get this effect, lol.
So I really couldn't work ALL day, as I couldn't see my numbers. So Heather made me take a nap. Which was good, because that usually helps. And it did.
I had to go out and I do not drive when I get these. Because I don't feel right, and don't trust my perception. 

I drove Ashley to work this morning (before the freaky migraine started) as she has stitches in her toe.
I was going to take her out for lunch. Ended up, I picked her up and took her home for the day. Her boss told her to go home because her toe was a bit sore.  Ashely didn't complain, but I guess her boss just could tell.

So that's it from me today.
I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love the paper piecing! Sorry about the migraine :/

  2. Urgh on the migraine; glad that you napped it! :0)
    Another adorable image! She is sweet!

  3. Very cute card, I'm glad the nap helped :D

  4. Sorry about the migraine. I get those same funky rainbow auras and I hate it! Or I will get the weird tunnel vision. Hate that too. The card is adorable!

  5. sorry to hear about your migraine- they are just the worst!! i don't get the rainbow but i do get like a tunnel vision and the outer edges are really blurry. I get that about an hour before the pain starts- so i know that I need to get home and rest. hate it when it starts at work

    this card is just too cute! i am loving your new stamps!

  6. Love your card the image is so cute:). Sorry about your migraine hope today is better.

  7. Lovely and beautiful card love the imahe.

    Sorry too hear about your migrain,hope you are better today.:)


  8. Such a fabulous card. Love the sweet image and the papers are so pretty. TFS

  9. Super cute card! Great coloring/shading job!

  10. Super cute card, I love that image :o) Hugs!

  11. Oh no! Migraines are the worst! Especially with the vision problems it causes for you. It must be so disconcerting to be missing parts of your vision and having rainbows dancing around your eyes. Although it is funny that people will take drugs to get those effects. Crazy people - I don't think that sounds like fun at all! I'm glad the nap helped though!

    I get very sensitive to light and sound when I get them. Once, I got one at work and literally turned off all my lights and had my kids whisper while they worked on their lab.

    The card is adorable. I love the paper you chose for her dress!

    That stinks that Ashley's toe was feeling sore, but it was very nice of her boss to let her go home and rest up!

  12. Looks like you were fabulously productive during your creative weekend! I love the soft colors in this one - that image is adorable! :)

  13. Oh no!!!! I hate that you have migraines that terrible!

  14. Adorable card. Love how you colored it!

  15. I love the hair on your little girl. You really are quite the master with those Copics! I sure hope your migraine went away. I hate when mine come one. I've never lost vision, but I do get naseau and have to have no sound or lights on in the room. Ugh!

  16. This little girl is so cute with her little pigtails :D Paper piecing the shoes and dress is awesome!

    Hope your migraine goes away quickly and doesn't return. Maybe you need some ice cream ;-)
    Love you - Leslie

  17. Great job! Looks like her hair has strands like real hair. The Swiss Pixies are adorable!

  18. Sorry to hear you had a migraine again. I might have said something on facebook because I can access it on my phone. I have not actually sat down at my computer all week. This card is so stinking cute. I love this image, even though it's one of those no face ones lol. But then again I still love my Gorjuss stamps.

  19. Another super sweet card and love the paper piecing. Sorry about your migraine and your description does sound like you're on LSD:) Uh and you haven't talked about Wayne lately, so Hi Wayne, hope all is well:)



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