Monday, September 17, 2012

I adore you

For the last few days I have shared all my shopping goodies.
So today I thought I would share a card I put together.
I still have a few from my girls creative getaway to share, and this is one of them.
I used the paper pack Love Struck by We R Memory Keepers. I then backed it up with black cardstock as I love how it pops the bright colours even more.

I don't know the name of the stamp I used, as it is my girlfriend Debbie's stamp.
These kids remind me of a cartoon from when I was a kid. I can't remember if it was on Sesame Street or somewhere else, but they are so cute :)

I bet you know what I'm going to say....I used left over paper for the inside of the card, and recipe/index cards.

Onto My Day:
I was up until 2:30am cleaning the laundry room and my Scrap/craft room. Yup it was really that bad.
I have always cleaned better late at night, not sure why, but I remember my mom was the same way.
Then this morning I hit the rec room in the basement.
Boy was that bad as well. I think it was a dumping spot for cardboard boxes. There sure were a lot of them. I cut them down to size to tie them up for recycling.

The Satellite guy came by to readjust our dish. I guess when the roofers were up there they moved it and we haven't received all our channels since then. But with it being summer, we really didn't watch to much television.
So that is another reason why I was cleaning so late, didn't want him to think I was a hoarder or something.
We have the panel box in my scrap/craft room. I thought that the guy had to get to it. He didn't.
But at least my room is to organize it.

Wayne and I went out tonight and ordered my Red front loading washer and dryer. It gets delivered next Wednesday :)
I am so excited. I want to paint the laundry room now. I have a few colours picked out, now just to find the right one :)

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh congrats on getting a RED front loader set that is so sweet. You will need some help with the laundry after all the housecleaning you've been doing! ;)

  2. Oh you lucky lucky lucky girl...getting a new washer and dryer...make sure you share pictures of that!!! Nothing like visitors to get us to clean. Wouldn't want complete stranger to know how messy we are:)
    Love this sweet image you've used and your coloring looks wonderful!


  3. OMG lucky you! I would love a nice BRIGHT colorful washer and dryer. Maybe I wouldn't grumble so much about doing laundry then. Love the card-that is so sweet.

  4. The card is super cute - but even though I have been remiss in visiting I dare not review your posts of new goodies - my willpower couldn't take it.

  5. this is just adorable!! love the image!!!

  6. Such a cute image. Love the layering on the inside of you card. So many pretty details!

  7. Lovely card today!! Have fun organizing and picking paint colors!!!

  8. I am a late night cleaner too! My scrap desk exploded all over the floor last night (as it tends to do when AJ is out of town...) So I'm planning on napping after school and late night cleaning it up tonight. No matter how tired I am, I can't sleep when I'm home alone (at night), so I'll nap during the day and clean at night!

    The image that you used on your card is too cute!

    Have fun redecorating the laundry room, congrats on the new washer and dryer!

  9. ok this is adorable... I love it and it's perfect in every way... thanks for sharing.

  10. Such a cute, cute card. I have been in a clean up mode,too. I think sage green would look great with that new washer and dryer.

  11. This is just adorable! Love the fun pattern papers and that cute, cute image! Love everything about this card. :)

  12. This is adorable, loving the coloring you did.

  13. This card is so adoable. Love the paper you used to make the background too.

  14. Such a lovely card - beautiful colours and such a cute image. TFS

  15. adorable card! I am sure the room will be so pretty. Can't wait to see. Sprucing up the place here too. LOl

  16. How did I miss this post? The colours you chose for the darling kidlets perfectly suits the paper!
    I am ssooooo jealous you got RED! that was my dream choice of colour. Enjoy them! :0)

  17. That couple on the card is adorable :) love them! So exited for your new washer and dryer! I hope you paint a fun color :) Sometimes i clean at night too, just whenever the mood strikes.


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