Saturday, September 15, 2012

It was a Tim and Heidi kind of day....lucky me.

Ohhh My Goodness today was an awesome day !!!!
I met Tim Holtz!!!!!!
Sadly I didn't get to take any of the classes he was teaching as, if you remember, we booked our family trip without me knowing that Scrapfest was going on this same weekend.
I did watch part of the class from the floor above the stage :)
Then I got to watch him do a demo right in front of me. He also signed a tag for me.
If he knew how many photos I got of him, he would think I was a stalker, lol.
Funny as I like a lot of his product, but I am not one of those crazy people that oogle over  someone, but I guess I kind of did today, lol.

Then I got to meet Heidi Swapp.
Again I wasn't lucky enough to take one of her classes either, but I did get to watch a bit from above.

Then the icing on the cake....yup my banana/caramel crepe :)

I didn't get to show you the rest of the goodies from yesterday, so here they are.
From the Archivers in Apple Valley, where the lady kept her eye on me, I picked up these fun papers and brads.

Picked up more Halloween paper. Why am I getting so much Halloween paper lately? There are some papers that are just coloured no bats and such, but seriously Tracy what is up with you.

The first time I went into Archivers, it was so busy, I couldn't even move. With all these ladies with their crop totes, it was to packed. So I gave them the store for a while and went back later.
I will share with you the photos of those goodies tomorrow.
The Internet is slow here, and I am tired and heading to bed. Too much excitement for me today ;)

I hope you all  had a creative Saturday :)
I am excited to get home, clean my scrap/craft room and start to create with my new goodies.

Tracy :)


  1. Oh Wow, how cool is that!!! Sounds like the PERFECT day :D

  2. That is awesome girlfriend!! I bet Tim smells good huh? Great pics of you, too :).

  3. You are so lucky:-) Fab goodies and I would have walked out of the shop with the lady who stalked you LOL ! I hate it cause they make you feel guilty! Great haul and looks as ifnyou had a fab day and yummy looking crepe:-)

  4. Oh wow you are so lucky and sounds like the perfect day:):):)
    And I LOVE your shopping too:):):)

    Wish you a lovely day.

    Hugs Merethe

  5. Great product. Love those brads. Great photos of all of you. Sounds like you had an awesome time!

  6. Wow looks like a GREAT day--Tim, Heidi, great food, and scrappy goodies. Doesn't get better than that! Love those photos!

  7. I love seeing you loot! Can't wait to see what else you got. What an awesome surprise to be at the mall during scrapfest. It must have been calling you:) I live so close to MOA and have never been to scrapfest, I have cousins that ask me every year but I'm always afraid it will be to chaotic for me. Remember if you are ever heading up 35E toward home stop in Pine City at the scrapbook store, it's an awesome store!

  8. How exciting for you!!! Glad you got to meet some celebrities! LOL

  9. So neat Tracy, great pictures! Looks like a lot of good paper there :o) Enjoy all of your goodies! Hugs!

  10. oh my golly how fun!!!!! that is sooo cool!! and i love all those goodies you picked up! what an awesome day

  11. I think we should save our pennies and go to their classes! Now that would be a awesome girls weekend! mmmmmmmmmmmm LOL
    Lucky girl, I hope to meet them both some day.

  12. Tracy, soooo "kewl" to meet Tim Holz and Heidi Swapp! And that crepe looks YUMMY!

  13. Very cool that you got to meet Tim and Heidi :)

  14. Tracy I am glad to see you have your priorities right, the Tim's Heidi's of this world will come and go but banana, caramel crepes are here to stay! ;p So tell me did you think of me while shopping? Enjoy your playtime at home my friend!

    Oh, oh, I got an iphone, I can text!!! yippee so you can text me this week and let's chat it up HUGS

  15. Sounds like you are having a great time and very lucky to meet Heidi and Tim. Have fun!

  16. That is so awesome, Tracy! So thrilled for you! And that banana caramel crepe looks to die for. Yum!

  17. That is SO SUPER COOL! Were they nice? You look so cute in your pictures :) love that you got to meet them both!! More great product, and now you've got me wanting to clean my room and create!! LOL!

  18. When I saw Tim and Heidi I immediately thought Project Runway! lol. I should be ashamed. lol

  19. Ah! That sounds like such a fun time! That is so cool that you got to meet Tim Holtz and Heidi Swapp!!

    And that crepe looks amazing! Your posts are making me hungry today (it probably doesn't help that I don't get to go to lunch until 12:30!)

    I am all about Halloween paper. I buy so much of it. I don't know why, but I just love it all and have to have it!

  20. OMG! You are so lucky! You actually got to meet Timmy! One of the many things that is on my bucket list is to meet"Timmy"! Wow what an experience! Love all your new goodies!

  21. Oh fun! Looks like you picked up some fun stuff. I'm sure Tim is used to having stalkers! I met him at a CKU years ago and he's just as fun in person as he seems to be in his videos. What a fun event! :)


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