Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last of the Fun Stuff

We made it home safe and sound :)
We had an excellent Family Mini Vacation, maybe the last one with all of us together :(
I thought I would share the last of my creative goodies with you.
This was my shopping trip to Michael's. I love that stamp, isn't she adorable.
All those foam brushes were $1.00 for the lot :)

 Can't go to Mall of America without picking up my supply of peeps :)

My last visit to Archivers.
The girls wanted/needed to go back to Mall of America one last time. So I figured I needed to go back to Archivers since we were there anyway.
I picked up more paper packs, Seriously, I have an illness, lol. But one I don't want to cure ;)
I never did find any graph recipe cards, but I did find these neat journal cards.
I think they will work out for my Project 365......that I have not started yet.

Lastly I picked up these fun embellishments :)
I wish you could read the word bands better. What I like about them is that they are full phrases not just one word.
Those wood veneers are so fun. I can see them coloured with distress inks :)

     Onto My Day:
I spent most of my day in the jeep.
We arrived home a little after 7:00pm.
Then I cleaned up the laundry room. I got 1 2/3 large garbage bags full of garbage. No wonder I had trouble walking around in there, lol.
I still need to get a new dryer. I really am a procrastinator.
The weather is getting a bit too chilly to be hanging the clothes outside, so I don't think I can put it off any longer.
I am thinking of getting me the red front-loading washer and dryer. My washer still works, but I need a matching set right ;)
So if you have an front-loading washer and dryer, how do you like it?

Hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Not sure if you mean stacking or front loading...I have the front loading set from Sears. It is honking big (each one sits on a drawer base that you can sort dirty laundry in.

    When i bought my house, i hated them cuz they dominate the laundry I LOVE them and wouldn't do without a set like this.
    They have a water miser feature...perfect for people like me who wash small loads. They have a sanitizing cycle...perfect for soiled things from babies and elderly people...I love this set.
    Looks like a fun shopping trip!

  2. I have a front loader and love it! It is a Maytag and about 7 years old, I guess. It does an excellent job with a lot less water than a traditional washer. The only thing is you need to have all your clothes in before you start. You can stop and insert more clothes but it takes a minute to unlock the door. I was always used to starting a load and then running around to see if there were any stray socks or anything I needed to throw in. Now all the clothes need to be in the washer before pressing start. Otherwise, it is great!

  3. LOL, ask my dh, they DO HAVE to match! So, yes. :0) LOVE my uprights, we have had that kind for about the last 10 years or so. I have laundry fetish. ;0)
    Oh, love all the little accessories! The journal cards are cute. IS there a store in Mall of America that is just Peeps? I thought I heard that there was such a thing.

  4. I love looking at your scrappy hauls!!
    I too have an addiction to paper, especially 6x6 pads =D

    Surprisingly enough i've never tried Peeps!!
    are they like marshmallows?
    thanks for sharing your pics.
    ( not going to comment on the laundry, as i don't like to do it! hehee )

  5. What a great haul! Those peeps look yummy. I like to let them get a little stale but my kids always like them fresh.

  6. Another fabulous haul - glad you had a good time. I have an upright set of washer and dryer - they are awesome! So big and so much easier on the back, I highly recommend you get the pedestal drawers as they bring up the level of the door opening, so you don't hurt your back with bending over all the time.

  7. lots and lots of goodies today!!! so glad to see the peeps are out!! i will have to stop at the store to pick them up for the boys!!

  8. Looks like you had a really fun shopping trip! I love those Studio Calico wood veneers. Did you see the new word bubble ones? :)

  9. Lots of fun goodies for you!!

    I got a new washer and dryer back in Dec. And I didn't get uprights. I got a set a Home Depot and they are very energy efficient. And the washer doesn't use a lot of water for my smaller loads.
    Good luck with your appliance shopping!

  10. Oh lovely goodies - I love the wood veneers too and sounds like a very constructive day...I've mopped and changed beds and washed, still lots more to do but I did fit a little scrapping in too :)

  11. OMG - reading your last post, too.
    You met Tim AND Heidi? How fun! :)

    Can I just say how much I love those chocolate covered peeps? They are so yummy!

  12. do you mean frontloading washer? We got one of those a year ago. The one downside, is that you cant really throw things in after you start, and you need to keep a basket to "catch" clean wet laundry so that it does not hit the floor as you transfer to the dryer. Plus side- less water and quicker dry time. Good luck with finding scrappiness with the Scrap Fest going on! -Amanda

  13. Can't go wrong with any veneer from Studio Calico!

  14. Sounds like a great time at Archiver's!!! I don't have an upright washer and dryer, just a standard tub and front loader dryer!

  15. I love everything that you got! I'm sorry you couldn't find the graph cards. I guess you could take heavy weight graph paper and cut it up, but I don't know if it would be acid free. The journaling cards are really cool though!

  16. Now I'm craving a trip to Michael's!!! Love that store.

  17. that mall sounds like an awesome place!

  18. Ooh, so jealous, you've been doing some major stash shopping! I love those paper pads and the wood veneers! x

  19. yummy goodies ofcourse. I wish I had known you were home! oh well try to catch ya later!
    Get the red ones but get lg or maytag. the are the best according to consumer reports.

  20. PS I love my top loader super efficient like the front loader but I can pause it and add more clothes. tee hee and yes comes in red.
    no drawers though.

  21. Glad you made it home safe, but bothersome to hear it could be the last trip for the the five of you???? :( I love those wood veneers, so fun and so many possibilities! I'm going to have to see if my Michael's has that stamp, I don't recall them carrying anything like that. So cute! As for the washer and dryer, I love my front loads, had them about five years now. Mine has a feature where you can pause it to add more clothes in when washing. I feel like the clothes get more clean. I like to leave the door open so the inside can dry out, otherwise I've heard they can get smelly :)

  22. OOOOH you found the peeps! I'm so sorry I missed all of these last posts. I'm a bad friend :( I was just going to post on your latest one but I had to mention something about the peeps. My son is still mad at me for eating the other peep. Nobody touches my peeps!

    Oh I have LG front loaders and I absolutely adore them. I have had them for a very long time and still work perfectly. I have a steam function on my washer, that if you are lazy like me and don't want to iron, you can just throw something wrinkled in there and either hang dry it or throw it in the drier and voila, no more wrinkles. It's also a good function if you get something you aren't sure of and just want to make sure you didn't bring home anybody that would share your bed (bed bugs) They say you can just put something in the dryer for 30 seconds but I do both. My washing and drying takes half the time of top loaders. Samsungs and LG's are two good brands.

  23. One thing you will notice, using a front load, is the dryer lint is decreased by more than half. You won't be taking out fist fulls of lint from the dryer any longer. Less water used, better cleaning of the clothes, and they don't get rubbed to death any longer (thus the less amount of dryer lint).

    Becky is correct. Once you have finished your washing leave the door open to the washer. I even pull out the drawer for the soap and fabric softener. You will get a build up of mildew and mold if you leave the door closed.

    One other thing about front loaders. You will used less soap than with the top loaders. I love my front load washer. I've had mine for about 10 years and wouldn't trade them for top loaders...even with fancy bells and whistles.

    Love you - Leslie


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