Sunday, September 2, 2012

Marks the end of the Summer :(

Whenever it is time to take out the dock it is a sad time for me.
To me that is the sign that it is the end of the summer :(
We will still come to the cottage, but it is more to do yard work and such, as it is cooler.  Not for the fun summer things.
The girls don't come out as often, as Kristy goes back to school on Wednesday.
It is coming time to hibernate.....well for me it is anyway, lol.

Today was a good day to take the dock out as our girls were all here, and so were their boyfriends. You know feed them well, then put them to work, lol.

Ashley and I were in charge of putting the blocks in front of the wheels so it doesn't roll down the other words, we got the easy job.
You can tell by the look on her face that she was happy not to have gone in the water :)
I think I have that mirror image look on my face as well.

Even though it was chilly today, Wayne, Kristy and Blake still went swimming.
I think it was more to say that they did, not because it was something they really wanted to do, lol.

That is about all for me today.
We are heading home in the early afternoon tomorrow, as I have my book work to do. Month end comes so fast.
I was planning on doing it this weekend, but my beautiful daughter forgot to bring me Thursday and Fridays tickets and I can't do anything until those are recorded.
Mind you it did give me an excuse to actually relax and enjoy the weekend.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and were a bit creative.

Tracy :)


  1. Lol, they really (not!) look like they are enjoying their swim! ;0)
    I am sad that summer is over; a definite chill arrived here last week giving it the fall feeling. I'm not a fanof fall....

  2. Sounds like a wonderful summer is sad when things you enjoy come to an end for a season.I'm glad you got to enjoy your weekend and relax! :)

  3. Ohhh...I'm sad for you too! Taking out the dock is so symbolic of the end of the season.

    DH took down the netting and fabric walls of our gazebo last week. He kindly left the rook canvas and the hanging lamp till our next (and last) trip this year. That way I can colour outside in the evenings.
    He was up there for a guy golf thingy and they trimmed the cedar hedge and pruned the trees.
    A neighbour saw them working and walked over with a tall, tall pruner/saw thing. Dh's friend (who is usually a big wossy, couch potato) climbed the tree in seconds flat and said pass me up that saw...I can do this!!! DH nearly had another heart attack. His friend is usually, oh so not very physical excersize wise. Apparently his new nickname is "monkey man". teehee

  4. I hate to see this summer end as well!
    It really was a good one :)

    And it seems like you all had a great summer at the lake, too!

  5. Sad that summer is drawing to a close. You've made lots of wonderful memories and will still enjoy the fall leaves. Glad you got to relax for the weekend!

  6. That's good that you got to relax and have fun. Summer is ending, but it's okay. Lots of holidays at the end of the year, that would be something to look forward to.

  7. I'm always sad when summer's over! Luckily it isn't over here yet =)

  8. It is sad when summer is gone, but with the horrible drought we've had this year, I'm hoping the arrival of fall will bring us such much needed rain. I love that picture of Ashley, she's so pretty :) I actually did get creative, but not until Monday...

  9. I'm actually glad this summer is over. The move took a lot out of my time and me and the kids, well they are going to go to some kind of day camp next year. I can't wait until Thursday! Well I'll still have to listen to little chatty Ava but then she will be heading off to school 3 days a week and then she begins dance class so she will be busy. I was able to get a couple of projects done. My DT piece for Kat Scrappiness, my new and improved foam board copic storage and recolor my copic chart because I lost mine in the move. I know it's kind of weird but I can't live without my color chart. I downloaded a bunch of new digi stamps and ordered some new kraftin Kimmie stamps and I'm ready to go. I have to order a whole bunch of halloween stuff soon because I want to get started on my Halloween cards. Can't wait to see what you do for Halloween this year!

  10. That was great that all of the boys were there to help take the dock out. I'd also be glad not to be going in that water - it looks chilly! I can't believe they went for a swim!

    I'm sad that summer is over, but I'm definitely ready for fall. I love when the weather gets a bit cooler and all of the colors change. But I will miss the days of doing nothing and waking up late and going swimming!

  11. Poor Blake, he looks like he is really cold in that water. One final swim before the snows begin. Ooops, I mentioned the "S" word, sorry.

    Where do the days go?! You guys really take care of your properties. Lots of hard work goes into daily life. You and Wayne are teaching your girls some really good life lessons they won't forget and will benefit them later on.

    Enjoy the time you have left of your summer.

    Love you - Leslie


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