Saturday, September 22, 2012

One year to go...well 2.

I will be so happy when my camp journals are complete.
I am on my third journal.
I am putting 3 years in each journal
Started with year 2004-2012
I am working on 2006 right now...I didn't go in order, lol
I haven't started on 2012, I will work on that during the winter.
Here are the tools.
-My adhesive gun to adhere the photos.
-My old journal, with all the information.
-My cutter/trimmer to cut the 4up photos apart (4 up photos are 4 photos on a reg 4x6 photo)
-My cheaters....yes I need them.
-White out tape...yes I do make mistakes.
- New journal
-post it notes

I think I did pretty good, I had only printed out 100 photos and that is for the whole year of 2006.
But as I go through it, I wish I should have printed out more, but I didn't bring up my photo printer just for that reason.
I want to get this done this weekend. 

I will tell you, I sure have seen a lot of people pulled over lately.
But I think this is the first time I have seen a cop pull over a city bus.
There must have been a unruly passenger on the bus, as when the bus left, the police were still there and a guy was with them.

Then on our drive out to camp, there were 2 police cars that pulled over this vehicle.
Then one of the police cars pulled a u-turn and followed us.
I kept teasing Wayne that they were going to pull him over.

But the officer passed us and pulled over the white truck ahead of us.
The truck wasn't speeding, but there was black smoke coming out of his exhaust, so that was probably why.
Yes that is as much excitement as we get around here.....more than enough for me, lol.
 Onto My Day:
I went to bed at 10:30 last night, which is really early for me, as I am a night hawk.
I woke up at 7:15 am. But that is too early, no matter if I am wide awake or not, lol.
So after my bathroom break, I went right back to sleep until 9:30 to the smell of my hubby cooking me bacon and eggs for breakfast.
I have been working on my journal most of the day, while Wayne has been closing up camp.
He has put up the storm windows and so much more.

It has rained and snowed here today...yup SNOW!!!
It hasn't stayed on the ground, but still.
Wayne told me it has snowed at his work a few times already.
It is a cold one today.

I had better get going as it looks like it is going to rain or snow again, and I am at the motel, using their Internet. I have to quad back to the cottage....brrrrr.
There was a guy here, that is on a bike (as in bicycle) who has biked all the way from Alaska.
He is heading to Ottawa. He said he hasn't stayed in a motel yet, he has been camping at the side of the road in the bush. Now that is roughing it.
Good luck to him, I hope he has a safe travel.

Hope you have all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. O mu...I hope that guy makes it to Ottawa!

    Snow! brrrrr

    Love your little 4ups.

  2. Love your idea for the 4 ups. Great project and best of luck finishing this weekend. Funny thing, I saw your pics and said to myself that sky looks like snow. Hope that guy makes it safely.

  3. Nooooo, not the S word and in September! :0(
    Still been gorgeous here! The leaves have turned and there is the icky smell of decay...
    I am thinking of actually finishing some ccushion covers for the couches. But thinking is not doing....

  4. Well, one good thing with closing up camp is maybe we can see one another more often! I am going out next weekend. This weekend I would have been by myself and with the new baby - would have been too much! was cold and drizzly in town too!... have to color tomorrow when ger gets home - try out some of the new ctmh markers! have a few new stamps as well - talk to ya soon! stay warm :)

  5. That's a lot of pictures for your journals and a whole lot of work, but I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end! Wow snow already...I thought we got it early when it comes the first part of October, but y'all definitely have us beat:)


  6. Awesome post Tracy - but I have one peeve!! You said the word SNOW!!! Now you've done it LOL. Wonder if we are going to have a bad one this year, after the fab summer we just had. Oh well, out with the snow boots and warm coats:-) Enjoy your day.

  7. Is it selfish of me to say I'm glad you are gonna be home for the winter because then we don't have to share you with the cottage :D And the fact that means your Halloween projects with be starting and you know those are my favorites.

  8. I just got a tape dispenser like yours! Mine's pink though, and nowhere near as pretty.

  9. Oh & I see you have the double underline thing now too - I have NOT been able to get rid of that on my blog!! :-(

  10. OH! Tracy! I just realized that you'd probably know EXACTLY what to do! I have all these formula cans that I don't know how to do what I want with them (which is basically not waste them). I thought it would be good to put my ribbon in one or two, because my ribbon is a MESS. But I don't know even if I should put the ribbon on the inside or the outside and whether to put all the ribbon into one or two cans or spread it out into three. I tried scoping out pinterest (which btw, Cassie says is "mostly moms") but I didn't see anything exactly right.

  11. You have such minimal supplies to work on your journal, so neat and clean!! I love that! LOL!! I wonder why they had the bus pulled over? I've never seen that either. That was so sweet of Wayne to cook breakfast :) what a keeper, but we already knew that, didn't we? Guess what? I had lunch with a Canadian yesterday. Lol! My parents friend, he and his wife are in town, staying with my parents. They're getting ready to go on vacation together and we all met for lunch. They live in Calgary though, other side from you :) Don't worry, I didn't make an ass out of myself and ask him if he knew you and Wayne. Lol!!!

  12. I wonder why they pulled over the bus. I was on a bus once where the cops should have pulled it over (maybe I will blog that story tomorrow - I was the only passenger and fortunately, wasn't hurt, but it could have been scary!)

    That is so nice that Wayne cooks breakfast. The smell of bacon cooking is such a wonderful one to wake up too!

    I can't believe it SNOWED! That is intense! I hope you made it back on your quad before it started again!

  13. I never thought of printing four photos on one 4x6! What a fantastic idea. I'm going to see if I can do that with my photo program. Totally awesome idea Tracy.

    My email thing-a-doo-hicky is giving me fits. I got your message and I'm thrilled to know that you were able to find the date information of your photos so you can now track the photos down that you want to include in your journal.

    Love your journals, and I bet your family does as well. Safe journey home. Hope you beat the snow.

    Love you - Leslie


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