Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quading Fun

We have been enjoying a wonderful weekend filled with family, friends and laughs.
On Friday night we enjoyed the beautiful "Blue Moon".
The weather has been co-operating and we were able to enjoy the full moon in its full glory.

Saturday was mostly spent on our quads.
Wayne and I went to visit his brother Alan and wife, Janice at their cottage. It was about an hour drive by quad one way.
We had a nice visit and on the way back to our cottage we met a new friend whose cottage is close to my BIL's.
He was a crossing guard at the Canadian border and he had told us to visit him if we were ever near his cabin. Just so happened that he was on the road as we were driving by.
Him and his wife invited us in to see their log cabin and we really enjoyed the visit with them.
We really didn't want to leave either company, but we had an hour ride back to our cottage and we really didn't tell the girls when we would be home.
Wayne took a picture of me beside this rock pile....someone had fun piling these boulders, teehee.

 Aren't we adorable, lol.
It was a dusty ride.
When the kids saw me, they said, "Mom, we can't take you seriously with your face like that", lol.
I was following Wayne, as I had never been this way before. I had to wait until he was clear out of sight and the dust died down, so I could actually see where I was going as it was so dusty.
I prefer trail riding.
Mind you trail riding is more of a challenge. Our trails aren't groomed, they are narrow, twisty with lots of roots and fallen logs, but you get a work out and the scenery is nicer.
I forgot my gloves so I have a few nicks to my knuckles, but I loved it.

It is Tyler's (Ashley's boyfriend) birthday on Tuesday. So when Wayne went to Ignace he picked him up a little treat.
We had to find a way to wrap it.
What better way then with birch bark ;)
I also made him a card. I did bring some crafty supplies with me. But all my stamps are of little girls and this card matched the wrapping :)

Kristy brought out the cake she made for him.
Tyler likes Spider-man. Kristy is the cake decorator in the family and she has made everyone a cake for their birthday.
She did an excellent job on this one as well.

Hope you all are having a creative, family filled weekend :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love the first photo very much,stunning:):)

    I am glad you have had a wonderful weekend with your family.:):)


  2. Love the birch bark! We have very few birch around our place. :0(
    The. Ake looks FAB!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    Always to spend times with family (and new friends).

    Your daughter is a great cake decorator. That spiderman is excellent!

  4. The cake looks awesome. Your daughter did an awesome job deco the cake. Spiderman is one of my fav. superheros. =)

  5. You and Wayne are cute, even with your dirty faces :D Sounds like you have enjoyed your day with family and friends. The gift wrap for Tyler is cool, and your card is awesome, as usual. Tell that daughter of yours, Kristy, she might think about being a baker (teehee) the cake is totally awesome.

    Love you - Leslie

  6. What a beautiful picture of the moon! Glad you're having good weather and a great time :) I love the picture of you and Wayne, so cute!! Kristy did an amazing job on Tyler's cake! Your card matches the wrapping perfectly!

  7. Well I for one think you look beautiful in the picture of you and Wayne. I'd say the same for the picture next to the rocks but honestly my eyesight sucks and I really can't see you LOL. That cake is fantastic. I can't let my son see it or he will want one. Tell Kristy that his birthday is October 6th and he likes all of the Avengers ;) Catching up on all the posts because on my last weekend of the summer I was cleaning and doing laundry! WTF!?

  8. That cake is amazing! Kristy did an amazing job! And I love that you wrapped the present in birch. That is very cool!


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