Saturday, September 8, 2012

Still Pluggin' Along

Is this to much?
I printed out 48 photos for the month of July to put in my camp journal.
Wayne just chuckled at me.
I print 4 photos on one sheet of 4x6 photo paper. That way I can journal and add a photo to go along with it.

 We are at the cottage and here is my set up.
Not only am I working on my cottage journal, I am also trying to put all our digital photos in folders and organize them. And believe me they are a mess.
Hubby has them on his external hard drive and they are not in any order. So I am trying to put them in order by day, then in month and lastly they will all be in each year. So far I have 2005 complete. But I still have all the years before that and after that to do....but I needed to start somewhere.
Some photos I have no idea when they were taken :(

Onto My Day:
Wayne and I came up to camp Friday night after he came home from work.
It was pretty chilly in the camp, so we have had a slow fire going since we got here.
We were (or I was) hoping to drive the quad's to his brother's camp. But sadly it rained most of the day. As much as I love to drive the quad, and I don't mind getting dirty, I do like to keep dry doing it ;)
I worked on my camp journal, but for some reason it took me awhile to get started.

I was told I haven't mentioned Wayne lately, so I thought I would share what he has been doing.
Wayne built stronger supports for the dock, so if we get the bad rains like we got in the beginning of the year, everything will be nice and sturdy...not that we had any trouble when we did get the rains.
  He is planning on building an extension to our garage out here next year. So he has been working to build up the ground and to level it. Nice thing is, his dad has a little loader so its easier to transfer the crusher fines. He does have to hand shovel as well. Wayne and his dad were doing that in the rain.....crazy men, lol.

One difference in Wayne and I.
He is one at preparing. 1/2 the projects he does at camp are in preparation for next year. Or to make it easier for us when we get to old to do things around here.
Me on the other hand. I'll do it when it needs to get done...or a bit later, lol.
I call him my boy scout (even though he has never been one), he is always prepared.
His dad is the same way.

Hope you all have a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I think I am like you- get it done when it needs doing. :0)
    I have a bunch of photos to pull off of our old computer...I should do that too! It really is overwhelming, though, isn't it?

  2. I have so many pictures to organize too! It's a huge job I've been putting off. Lol!

  3. I want to become more organised you are doing a great job on all those photos, and always good to have someone getting prepared in a family :)

  4. I have organised my photos too,and I am really glad its done ,hehe.
    I wish you luck and have fun with your year book.
    You are doing a amazing job:):)


  5. Wow, that is a lot of pictures for one month! I love that you're being so organized about your pictures on the computer too. I looked at Mike yesterday and asked him if we should back our pictures up, oops! As for Wayne, because I haven't commented on him in awhile, hee hee, he sounds like the most amazing husband in the world (second only to Mike). You are the luckiest woman ever (second only to me). You go Wayne! Lol!!

  6. Sounds like you are both very busy. That is a lot of photos to organize. I compliment you. Mine are just by date.

  7. Men are so funny that way. My dh will do a job in the rain or other horrible weather and make it a point to let me know that he did it, despite the conditions, and apparently I am supposed to be extra impressed. Men. lol. They are like boys, only bigger.

  8. That is a lot of photos, but if you love it then why not? As far as organizing, good luck! My camera (a DSLR) saves the information about when it was taken with the picture (under details I think?) so that really helps. Sometimes you just have to make a misc. file! Good luck!

  9. I love the big stack of photos! That is fabulous!

    Organizing the photos sounds like a lot of work, but could be really fun when you stumble across ones you've forgotten about!

    That is great that Wayne is so prepared. AJ is like that too. I am more of a get it done when it needs to be done (or a few days later!)

  10. The photos you don't know when were one of them, from the menu at the top of your photo program (File, Edit, View, etc.) look through the drop down lists until you find something like "Info". That will give you the date the photo was taken, some programs even have the time it was taken (depending on your camera), other times it is when the photo was uploaded to your computer. If you already know this then just consider me a "Bossy Knickers" ;-)

    Wayne and his Dad have an excellent system going on. Get the prep work done first then the rest will get sorted easier. Seems odd to do so much work but it will take less time to get the major job done. Indeed, Wayne is a "Good Boy Scout" whose motto is "Be Prepared" :D

    Love you - Leslie


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