Monday, March 18, 2013

Bloom card with Distress

I wanted to break out my Tim Holtz distress markers.
I haven't really had a chance to really play with them.
So for this card I wanted to use them :)
First thing I did was to actually ink up this stamp with the markers.
I just coloured the stamp pinks for the flowers and green for the stems/branch.
Then huffed on the stamp to reactivate the the ink, then stamped.

This stamp is an outline stamp so the flowers and stem/branch needed to be coloured in.
So I took 2 colours of pink, light for the flowers and a darker pink for the shading, then just coloured them in :)
Did the same for the branches, except with greens of course.
Then I formed some flowers I punched out and added some sparkle to them :)

Here is the inside of the card.
Does this look familiar?
It is the journal stamp I was playing with last week :)

Last night I was having a little sweet craving.
So I made Impossible Pie.
Not only is this so good, it is also so easy to make ;)
Here is the recipe Impossible Pie.

Onto My Day:
Another at home day for me.
It was my week to car pool the kids to school, but my friend Lynne said she would do it this week.
At first I thought how sweet, she knows I'm not feeling well.
Nope. She doesn't want her kids to get my cold, lol. Nothing like a truthful friend, lol.

My friend Debbie phoned to chat and was looking up the cottages for our girls getaway for this summer.
Can you believe the ones we usually like are all booked up!!!
We seriously have to quit telling everyone about this place, lol.
There is one cottage left with a hot tub that has an opening for the week we want.
So hopefully it is still available when I phone tomorrow.

So Wayne and I are watching the Finale of the Biggest Loser.
Is it awful that I am eating a Chocolate Cluster as we are watching it.
I don't think I'm grasping the whole concept of the show, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Pretty card. I hope you are able to get the last cottage remaining for your girls getaway!

  2. Fingers crossed it is still there.

    Your card is so pretty...I think I have that stamp too!

  3. oh i love the colors on your card- so soft and beautiful!!!

    hope you start feeling better

  4. Your card turned out great! Love the colors. How are you liking the distress markers? They are a bit different than any others. Love the look when you color directly on the stamp! :)

  5. That card is gorgeous! I love how you inked the outline with the markers. Just stunning!

  6. scrappin Deborah( wana be)March 19, 2013 at 8:56 AM

    Your cards are always gorgeous.. I am so jealous you find the time to do them. Hopefully I can start creating more often - Keep posting as you inspire me :) Hugs

  7. Pretty card! I hadn't heard of those markers...Good luck booking your girl's get-away!

  8. I really like your card. How you did it is fab!

  9. What a pretty card. I love the layout.

  10. Such a pretty card!
    And I am going to have to try that pie for my husband. He loves mushrooms!

  11. Such a pretty card. Makes me think of spring (which is coming at some point, right?) :)

  12. The card looks great, love the colouring, I am still thinking about getting the tim hotz markers but not sure yet :)

  13. This card is so pretty! I love that stamp! How do the distress markers blend, compared to stampin up and copics? Your pie is making me hungry :)

  14. I loove this card. The blossom stamp is wonderful and I really love the journal stamp you are using. I have to try that pie!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you got the cottage booked - see you there LOL! Have a great week.

  15. I am crazy about that blossom branch stamp! Especially in pink! The card is super pretty and so spring-like! Better than the spring weather we've been having, eh?

    I also think YOU can get away with eating that chocolate cluster while watching Biggest Loser & not feel guilty about doing it either. It was just one, right??? ;)

  16. pretty card and I love the details. and now I need sweets. thanks a lot! I wanna come for a weekend get away:( Oh what a blast. One day girl, one day.

  17. Pretty card so Punxsutawney Phil was way wrong for us. Love coconut I possible pie...but if I bake I eat tooooooo much of it

  18. I hope you are feeling better and that you were able to get the cottage!

  19. Lovely card, the pie looks delicious. =)

  20. Wow, gorgeous card!! I might have to try making that pie-dh loves coconut. I like it. Don't really love it.


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