Friday, March 29, 2013

March 2013 Tag

I have finally completed the March Tag for the challenge Tim Holtz has going on.
I am not exactly sure if it is a challenge...but I have challenged myself to do it each month.
So far so good, I may get them done a couple days before month end...but I'm getting them done ;)

If you look at the one Tim has done, then you can see that mine is quite a bit different.
I didn't have anything he had...well except for those ticket stick things that are holding up the flowers.

So lets take a closer look at what I had done.
I didn't have his grass die so I hand cut my own.
I didn't have his metal floral embellishment so I made my own. Actually these came from a very ugly set of earings. They had many of these flower heads on them...and this is why I bought them ;)
Lastly I wanted to hid eggs in the grass. So I covered some paper with some foil from chocolate kisses and then ran them through my embossing folder.

I didn't have the die's that Tim used, so I hand cut the egg out of the center of the cardstock.
You can check out my failed attempts of this HERE.
What I did for the center of the egg, was ink some white cardstock with pink distress ink then adhered the washi/tissue tape on top of it. then popped the egg shape over top of it.
I also didn't have the banner die that Tim used so I just cut a long skinny strip of paper and folded it to look like a banner.
I had made some flowers with the left over foil I had used for the mini eggs.

I just thought I would show you how I work. Scary isn't it, lol.
I really don't like to work in chaos, but no matter how much I try to keep neat and organized, I still make a giant mess.
It is all clean now though.....honestly ;)

One more look at the tag....I don't want you to leave here with the last image you see is of my mess, teehee.
 Onto My Day:
I wanted to cook a turkey today.
Not so much because of the holidays, but because then we have leftovers, and everyone can fend for themselves the rest of the weekend.....yup, I'm not dumb ;)
Well I thought I had bought the turkey that was already stuffed and you cook it from the frozen state.
I was annoyed to see that I didn't.
I was thinking, oh crap now I have to cook something else.
Internet to the rescue...I looked up and you CAN cook a frozen turkey without thawing that sucker out.
I was so happy :)  No cooking for me this weekend ;)
So we had Tyler and Blake over and we all enjoyed a nice yummy turkey dinner :)

I chatted with my ladies today, and they still wanted to come over for Friday Night scrapbooking.
I thought with it being a holiday weekend, they would want to stay home...but I guess I am just to much fun to be around as they should be here any minute now.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend and I hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I am glad to see somebody crafts like me hehe, luv your tag I keep saying I will do these and haven't got round to it, have a great night scrapbooking and enjoy your Easter holidays.
    Chris x

  2. Your tag looks great. Hope you have fun on scrapbooking night!

  3. Cute tag. Turkey sounds yummy. But, I am cooking a ham tomorrow!

  4. I love your finished tag. Maybe it's something I should give a go to see if my mojo returns - would also take me out of my comfort zone. Love how you found your own way of doing all the different elements. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. The tag turned out great, and your work table is not different to mine when I am working on something. Hope you enjoy your evening of crafting :)

  6. your tag is simply beautiful!! love all t he little details!! great job!

  7. LOVE your tag, and how you made do with what you had!! That's what I do ALL THE TIME! (0; It always does my heart good to see when others do too! I liked how you used the candy wrappers. I've done that too. They may be our most miniature papers to work with, but it just seems such a shame to throw them away! It's much more fun making things with them!... Enjoy your weekend! ~tina

  8. This is beautiful, Tracy! So many wonderful details. Happy Easter to you and your family. To answer your question about the stitching on the Easter card I made, I used the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine all around the outer edge of the egg. :)

  9. This is so beautiful. I absolutely love all the little bits and those little foil eggs. x

  10. Your tag looks great...i love how you broke own the description with a comparison to Tim's. I like to see the ones that are not identical...we all don't have Tim's budget or scrap supplies so it is fun to see what everyone creates from what they have on hand!!!

  11. I love how your tag turned out, ugly earrings, so smart! You always think to use everything! Your desk doesn't look bad at all! I can still see table top... Lol! Turkey leftovers are the best!


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