Monday, March 4, 2013

Defunkifying my Life....Mission 13 Stamp Organization

Today I was going to recap the defunkifying missions from last week, and then re-post the ones from last year to re-visit.

Then I remembered, oh I have share with you my Stamp Organization that I have been working on last week and all weekend.
Yup..It is complete and happy about it :)
Doesn't this look so nice, neat and just makes me smile :)


 Hard to believe that this mess is now all neat and tidy isn't it.
I find it hard to believe that all these stamps fit into these containers.
See how when something is so nicely organized the space you can make :)
Plus I took all the wood mount stamps out of this area as well ;)

I put my stamps in 4 categories.
  this container holds all my Christmas, Valentines, Birthday, Father's get the picture ;)
2. Vintage and Art Journal
  this container houses my vintage, journal spots, background stamps.
3. Words and Letters
  this contains my words/phrases and letters
4. Floral and outdoors
  this one holds any flowers, fairy stamps, trees and anything pertaining to the outdoors.

I think this will work for me :)
I can not tell you how happy to have this all done.
My living room is back to its normal function....for now ;)

I put together a video with a bit more detail on how I have organized and am storing my cling mount stamps.
I was going to do the video at a later day...due to my cold making me sound dippy....but I figured no one would know the difference anyway, lol.

Now onto organizing my wood mount stamps....but I think I will take a bit of an organizing break and maybe create something tomorrow :)

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love this,what a great idea and cost effective too.I dont have nearly that many stamps lol but i might give it a go on what i do have .You have the best ideas !

  2. That is an amazing transformation! I love what you did. It looks like everything will be much easier to find. And USE! :)

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how neat and organized everything looks now! That is just fabulous!!! The amount of space you have now is just great!

  4. Love the before and after - you really did organize them beautifully!

  5. This turned out fantastic! I like the basket idea too. I need to see if our dollar store has those zippered pockets - and I just came from there too. Those are much better than those pocket pages I have from Making Memories. The stamp sheets fall out all the time.

  6. Wow, this is a great transformation and looks so nice too!

  7. mollytigger (you tube)
    I love your idea for storing your cling stamps.Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.

  8. Wonderful!!! Looking so neat and love the pockets idea!!! TFS

  9. Love those storage bags! Hoping I can find something like that in one of our dollar stores around here!

  10. I think it looks fantastic!!!! I love the zippered pouches too and I think it's a great idea that you cut out and put the stamp information on the pages! I know you have to feel so amazing to have this organized!

  11. Oh, Tracy,
    This looks wonderful!!!!
    I think you should take a little trip to MT and help me out. As hard as I try, it isn't as wonderful looking as this. Good job!

  12. This looks so would ya like to come organize my stuff!!?? haha....I need to quit being lazy or having so many other projects going and just get to organizing. Love your system, it looks hella better in the after picture!! ;) :D

  13. It looks great! Those plastic pockets are awesome. I never think to go into dollar stores but I really should more often!

  14. Your stamp organization is amazing! Thanks for sharing your process in the video.

  15. Wow, that is fantastic! Great job! :0)
    I think at this point, I have maybe 6 sets of wood mounts....I have been slowly getting rid of them...

  16. Your stamp organization is great,I have also organization my stamp:):)


  17. I love this idea! Definitely pinning!

  18. It looks great Tracey! Must feel so good to be finished! Love the holders you used for your themes!

  19. Great idea! Your stamps look much more organize now.


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