Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Butterfly, blossoms and a shredded mess

I have another card to share today.
I have just been pumping these out, lol.
Actually this one was made last Friday night, during Friday Night Scrapbooking.
I used the same image as I did on yesterdays card.
I love that I can get so much use out of one stamp :)
After stamping the blossom branch I just coloured the flowers.

This butterfly stamp was one that my friend Myra had just purchased.
When I saw this stamp I knew what I wanted to do with it :)
First I stamped it on this dark purple paper.
Then I stamped it again on some pattern papers, and fussy cut just the butterfly out.
Adhered the body of the butterfly on the stamped image and bent up the wings.

Here is the inside of the card.
I had stamped this butterfly for the front of the card but felt like I didn't get a good solid image.
So I decided to use it inside the card...see nothing to waste for me ;)
I had bought this note pad with brown lined paper.
When I saw it I thought it would be perfect for the insides of my cards :)
As much as I love my recipe/index cards, I also like other options ;)

Onto My Day:
Another low key day.
Had the house to myself for a bit today as everyone worked.
Ashley didn't come home for lunch again today :(
I was going through our income taxes to send them out. And like always I got side tracked.

I found some old business paper work that needed to be shredded. So I figured now is as good a time as any.
Well I totally jammed the shredded. I mean so jammed that nothing I did would unjam it. The paper looked compressed into fibers so jammed.
So I tried different methods to unjam it. First reversing it. Then I tried a pulled apart paperclip. I pick for separating nuts (I have no idea where that came from). Finally I used a thin pearing knife.
Now before you all tell me how dangerous this is...I know you have all done the same, lol.
As I was doing this I called my friend but she wasn't in the office so I left a message.
As I was leaving the message, the shredder decided to eat the knife, lol
Like seriously, I forgot to turn off the shredder, lol.
I tried to pull the knife out..but no way was that shredder letting go.
I had to reverse it and it spit the knife out.
All the time fidgeting with the shredder and knife I was laughing while leaving a message on my friends voice mail.
Yup, my life in a nutshell. lol
Ohhhh maybe thats why I had the nut picker thingy, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)
Oh ya and I was able to get the cottage for my friends and my girls getaway for this summer, looking forward to August. Well actually looking forward to spring, as we got snow again today.

Tracy :)


  1. Love this card and especially love how you've done the butterflies! Of course we've all stuck the sharp knife in the shredder try to dig out the damn paper. I've only almost sliced my fingers off one time...I have it down to a science now!!!


  2. Daily cards;). Great card and butterfly's. So great hthat you do the inside of the card. Always my favourite to see what you've done.

  3. Pretty card. Please be more careful with that shredder. I don't want to hear you've had to make a trip to the MD! Glad you got your cottage!

  4. beautiful card but you KNEW I would LOVE IT!
    You are not supposed to work on the shredder while it is plugged in. Good thing it was the knife and not your darn fingers.
    UGH, crazy woman.

  5. love the butterflies- so pretty
    be careful my friend with the shredder!!!

  6. There's that lovely stamp again! So pretty. Love the layering on the butterflies. Yes, I've taken a knife to my shredder and the thing is still jammed in one place. Oh well, another day.

  7. Beautiful use of the stamp. So nice to see it used in different ways.

  8. Can still hear you laughing on my voice mail... geesh...crazy gal you are! Unplug Unplug... Booked - Count down is now on..Oh ya and I live the b-flies - but you know I love butterflies :)

  9. Another beautiful card. Love how you got two totally different looks but using the same blossom stamp. The butterflies are wonderful too. OMG knife in the shredder!! Sounds like me - I shoved a wooden spoon in a food mixer shute once LOL!

  10. I can't believe that's the same image, it looks so different! Your story made me laugh! A knife, seriously? Lol!

  11. Is that why I have a nut picking tool hanging out in my desk drawer? Seriously, I do. lol

    I've enjoyed these cards. Such a pretty stamp and how different the different inks make them look.

  12. Lovely and fabulous cards:)Lovely image too:)


  13. Pretty card and I love how those butterflies turned out. I'm surprised that I don't have a butterfly stamp, even though I don't stamp much. LOL!

    I had a pretty good laugh at your shredder story. Sounds like something that would typically happen to me too.

  14. I love how versatile the flower stamp is!

    That is really funny about the shredder. I think we all do slightly dangerous things when in a jam(oh man, no pun intended, but now that I wrote it, I like it and I'm keeping it!)

    I have been known to leave such crazy/funny/distracted voicemails for people that they have kept them...and replayed them for others. My dad kept one of my more ridiculous ones on his computer for years. He was so upset when he got a new computer and it got erased!

  15. The butterflies is pretty. hehe... that shredder is pretty stubborn.

  16. Beautiful card! It's so cool how you can make two different cards with the same stamps and they look totally different from each other.


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