Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Future card

I so wanted to create today....but...I only could manage to create in my head ;)
I did come up with a cool card idea.
I purchased this stamp many months ago and can you believe I haven't even inked it up yet.
I think this fun pack that Becky sent me will be perfect with my funky steampunk stamp ;)

Onto My Day:
This cold is still winning the fight right now.
I tried the Vicks vapor rub on the bottoms of my feet and put on my socks before bed.....only thing that accomplished was hot feet ;)
I tried the honey with cinnamon in my tea... the only thing that accomplished was awful tasting tea.
I will stick to tea and honey, rest and a hot bath, lol.

I tried to lay low most of the day....but I was restless. So I ended up cleaning the house.
Even though Heather kept on bugging me about going for a nap.
So I took her advice later in the afternoon I went for a nice long nap :)

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. No, no! FRESH ginger in your tea with honey. ;0)
    You know, I am finding that I like the steam punk look! Love the looks of that kit behind that cute stamp too!

  2. try hot lemonade before you go to bed its what
    we always do and usually works for us
    love ali

  3. ooh sorry you're sick. The only home remedies that ever work for me are drinking a ton of water, tea w/ honey, and laying around like a vegetable. Can't wait to see what you do with that cute stamp!

  4. Hope you are felling better now:)Hugs:)

    Wish you a lovely day:):)


  5. Oh I hope you are feeling better!
    What fun goodies!

  6. Dang it, I was really hoping you would be feeling better by today (yesterday) Maybe that was the worst of it and you'll wake up today feeling better!! I LOVE that stamp and think it will look awesome with those papers!!!! I knew you would come up with a great idea for them!!

  7. I hope you're feeling better today. I'm doing much better from my cold, but still hacking once in a while.

    Your stamp looks super cute and I can't wait to see how your card turns out! Some days, creating in your head is about the only thing you CAN get accomplished. It sounds like the nap was what you needed.

  8. Feel better! I would definitely leave the house cleaning alone today if you are restless and craft instead! :)

  9. Hope you feel better soon Tracy!

  10. Had to laugh at the hot feet part. We do honey and lemon in hot water since we aren't tea drinkers. Hope you beat out the cold soon.

  11. If you are all stuffed up - rub the Vicks on your chest - it will help you breath and keep your airways clear, and you will get a better sleep. My Mum swore by that stuff - never heard of putting it on your feet :-) Feel better soon and I love the look of that stamp!

  12. I never heard of putting vicks on your feet either.Chest and under your nose only.Have you tried equate Daytime cold & flu + NiteTime cold & flu combo pack from Walmart.It will help you feel better durning the day and help you sleep at night.It's compared to DayQuil liquid caps and Nyquil Liquid caps.This is a over the counter cold & flu remedy. Give it a try.It may help. :)

  13. Wait, I always put Vicks on my chest or under my nose. I love love love Vicks though! I use it whenever I have a cough :)

  14. Cute stamp, rest up and feel better soon !


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