Sunday, March 3, 2013

More Stamp Organization...when will it end ;)

I am soooo happy to announce that I have completed my clear stamp storage :)
Unless of course I find an odd one here or there....I wouldn't be surprised ;)

Now that, that is done, I am working on my red rubber stamps.
Not only am I a procrastinator, but I am also lazy.
See these stamps that I am backing with the Ez Mount. I have used them many times, but have used them without the mounting foam.
Thanks Phillane....she gifted me these gorgeous stamps...probably a year ago...see told you I was lazy ;)

When mounting my rubber stamps on the sticky EZ mount, I use a heat knife to cut the foam. I can get really nice and close to the stamps.

I had a few other stamps to do as well ;)
I also mounted the $1.50 wood blocked stamps that I took the blocks from, for my distress tools.
Here they are all mounted on the foam now.
Tomorrow I will hopefully be working on a video on how I organized my stamps.
I am also thinking of unmounting more of my wood mounted stamps.
It will save me so much more space.

Onto My Day:
Besides driving Kristy to work for 7:00am and picking her up at 1:00. I stayed home all day working on my stamp organization.
I drove Kristy this morning as Wayne and I both have a cold, he has had his longer then I have. Plus he drives her every weekend.

 We even ordered in for supper ;)
Wayne wanted to go and get some groceries, but I didn't want to leave the house today. 
Plus I was on a roll with these stamps. And want to move on to something else.

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)
Off to watch The Walking Dead :)

Tracy :)


  1. Way to go girl...You have been on a roll, here.
    The heat gun to cut them with was a great idea...I will remember that if I ever unmount my wood stamps.

    Thanks for the kind comments about trying out for the design team. I am expecting a rejection but have my fingers crossed. I think some of my cards are nice but I am a lousy photographer so they never look great on my blog.
    I have bought all the parts for a homemade light box...when I get back from visiting my Mum next Sunday, i am going to take all my photo's that way. Just have to get to Walmart and buy a couple a cheap clamp on lights.
    Might not be able to comments for a week but will catch up when I get back.

  2. Mounting stamp is a lot of work. Great job Tracy! I still need to do mine too.

  3. That would be me...using the stamps without the mount! Well, I was lazy in the crafting world today! Did some cleaning and listened to an audio book!

  4. oh i can't wait to see your storage!!!
    wow that looks like hard work!!

  5. I just have a handful of rubber stamps, mostly wood mounted. I'm scared to take them off their blocks. Lol! You might give me the courage. Ha! Hope you and Wayne are both feeling better this morning.

  6. You are being very diligent with all your reorganizing. Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

  7. Looking good - I can't get the EZ mount stuff here in Ottawa - off to the US next week so hopefully get some over there if I can. I have some rubber stamps that I too use cause I haven't got the mounting stuff. Perhaps you can show us how you remove them off your wooden stamps too:-) Have a good week.

  8. Yay for a project finished!
    I have too many half finished projects around here!!

  9. You go girl!! Not too shabby for having a cold! I've had a nasty one myself, but finally starting to get over it.

    I'm very interested in seeing how all of this turns out! Should be educational. ;)

  10. Okay, not to sound silly, but what does backing the stamp on the foam do?

  11. That is one of my least favorite jobs, even with a hot knife. I do prefer my rubber to have cushion though.

  12. Thanks for the hot knife tip! Nice job!


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