Saturday, March 16, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

The other day I was on Pinterest and came across a lady that celebrated her 38th Birthday by doing random acts of kindness.
You can read about it here...How she Celebrated her Birthday.

This got me thinking as I was reading this...What have I done as Random Acts of Kindness.

1.I put my shopping cart back.
2. I have left money for others....My hubby noticed I dropped a quarter. I told him some child will pick it up and it will make their niece found it and was so excited.
3. I have put money in expired meters.
4. I donate clothes and household supplies to the women's shelter.
5. Crochet little bears for the hospital to give to the young children that sadly end up there.
6. I have given money to those who are a bit short in line at the grocery store....I remember one time, I heard these 3 young boys so excited to play video games and eat some goodies. When they went to pay, they didn't have enough so they were trying to decide what to put back. So I paid the difference. The teller was shocked and asked if I was sure, lol.
7. I secretly drop off goodies to the neighbours children on occasion. But I think they know who it is now, lol.
8. My daughters and I brought a big bag full of stuffed animals to the children's ward in the hospital.
9. I always print out extra coupons and give them to customers.  I didn't realize that when you go to Ikea and purchase a meal that you get the meal price off your Ikea purchase of over $100.00.  When we were on our last trip I gave it to the family behind me in line.
10. I always bring the neighbours garbage cans back to their yard after trash pick up.
11. Helped a gentleman who was in a wheelchair that got hooked up on a car bumper as the car was parked over the sidewalk.
12. I open doors for others...except for hubby, I stand aside for him to open it for me;)

These are just the ones that popped into my head while I read her post.
I didn't realize these were Random Acts of Kindness, I just thought this was common sense, or helping out our fellow citizens.

So what do you do in your everyday life that you think is just something that should be done, but others would consider it a Random Act of Kindness?

Hope you all have had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :) 


  1. If only everyone was like you Tracey this world would be a better place to live, I too sometime think of these things. I also do many that you have said and people look at you as if you are mad, but I don't care as it make me feel good :)

  2. My last was shoveling my neighbors walkway, sidewalk and steps when we had our big snowstorm. I agree that RAKS are so important!

  3. Since I was going to get a coffee, a co-worker gave me some money to get her a tea biscuit. I got her tea biscuit and gave her the money back and told her it was a RAK and to pay it forward which she did, the following day.

  4. I visit your blog and make you laugh. Lol!!!! You ate such a sweetheart Tracy! Love this post!

  5. This is a great thought provoking post Tracy!

    I pretty much do these same things, except we have no neighbor kids that are in need, but my daughter has a friend who is quite less fortunate. I am actually in the process of trying to figure out where all to donate the hundreds of beanie babies I want to donate, give or just drop off at. Trying to think of something out of the ordinary as well as the hospital, police station and shelter.

    I always donate lots of food for our local food pantries and the animal shelters always get food, treats and cleaning supplies.

  6. Very fun list. Now off to think of mine. :) Blessings,

  7. does not strangling anyone count? LOL
    I do quite a bit I think. A few of those that you do. I also always stop for people to cross no matter where they are crossing. I also park at the back of the parking lot. I like to think that lets the older folks have it. Doubt it but it is a nice thought.

  8. Tracy, you are such a fabulous person! The world would be a much happier place if more people would think the way that you do.


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