Thursday, March 28, 2013

I want to thank you all for your sweet and touching comments yesterday.
It will take awhile for my family to get used of Rose not being here with us.
I think we have all went to check on her today, then realized that she isn't here.
Again thank you so very much for your heartfelt comments.

I wanted to keep my mind active and focus on something other then our saddness.
So I thought I should work on my Tim Holtz tag for is almost the end of the month ;)
I don't have the die he used, so I hand cut this egg shape.
I wanted it to look like an egg, but nothing seemed to work for me today.
I thought I would use a chocolate wrapper, run it through my embossing folder to look like a wrapped egg...nope, fail.

I thought I would put some washi tape behind the shape. I thought the black washi might look like those beautiful hand dyed Ukrainian eggs...nope fail.
It may have looked better if I had done the whole shape in the black washi.
I think I may have found a solution, but will share it when I am totally completed the tag.

This is Kristy with her good friend Allison.
Allison made the family a scrapbook of Rose last night and gave it to Kristy this morning at school. Allison is such a sweet girl.
She wanted to decorate a cake for Kristy today, as 3 of Kristy's friends were taking her out for dinner in celebration of her birthday last week.
After dinner they came here and had dessert and sat around chatting.
Good job on the cake Allison :)

Onto My Day:
After driving Kristy to school and Heather to work, I picked up the cake pan, came back home and went for a nap.
Later Heather and I made the cake for Allison to decorate, and cleaned out the fridge.
I told Heather we are going to be doing tasks for the next few weeks to occupy our minds.
I went on the computer for a bit before supper and fell asleep again.
I tell you its the best thing for ya, when you are emotionally drained.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)



  1. Crafty virtual will always miss her...her memory will stay strong with you all, just the pain will fade a bit, with time...

  2. Love the look of the tag - look forward to seeing the finished item. WoW is it a trend in Thunder Bay to all be able to cake decorate:-) How sweet for her friend to make a scrapbook. Still thinking of you all - I blubbered when I watched the video yesterday - it's such a wonderful idea. It will take a while and you will miss her, after all Rose was part of your lives for 16 years. Hugs still coming your way. Karon

  3. Oh I've Had So Many Failed Tags. Lol! Can't Wait Top See Your Finished Tag ThOugh And What You Figured OuT!! Kristy HaS Some Sweet Friends :)

  4. I am sure the finished tag will be fabulous! So good to here that your Kristy has such a great friend in Allison....warms my heart! Happy Easter and have a great weekend!

  5. I thought both of the tags were pretty, but I can't wait to see the finished one!

    How sweet of Allison to make the scrapbook. That was very thoughtful of her, Kristy has some wonderful friends!

  6. I think the tags look great. Its good to keep you mind busy when you are still hurting. Kristy is blessed to have a friend like Allison. :)

  7. oh my friend - i have so many things that have failed!! i can't wait to see your final tag. take care my friend! have you thought of getting a new cat? i know when my first dog died (she had cancer) I immediately went out and found my bailey! it really helped! when bailey passed 2 years ago I knew that i needed more time.

    your cake looks awesome!!

  8. That cake is fantastic! What a crafty kid! I am so sorry about your loss...that is truly a difficult experience - I've been there:( And I like seeing your tag as it changes...I like it as it is now with the washi tape.

  9. Awesome work on the cake. I hope you're able to work past your block on the egg soon. :)


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