Monday, March 11, 2013

The last of the Goodies :)

My second Archiver's haul :)
I just love these wood pieces...can you tell, lol.
I think this stamp is so fun as well. I can not only change out the words that are included in this set, but I can also make up my own with some of my letter stamps ;)
I seriously have too much paper, lol.

I just love this photo I took of the Yoga class going on below us at Mall of America yesterday.
It made me miss doing my Pilates.
Actually what I did was Percsion Toning :)

Is it a bad thing that after watching these people work out, I went and enjoyed a banana/caramel crepe ;)

On our way home we stopped in Duluth.
I had to mail out a couple of parcels and I wanted to check out the brand new Hobby Lobby.
I have only been in one other Hobby Lobby and that was when we went to Montana a couple of years ago.
Here are the goodies I picked up today :)
A lot of these supplies were 40% off :)
Those resin light bulbs are a lot smaller than the ones from the other day. 

Onto My Day:
So we made it home safe and sound.
I slept most of the way home, lol.
Unpacked and watched some Duck Dynasty, then Biggest Loser.

It is our March break this week, so no school for Kristy.
Plus Wayne took some days off. So a nice relaxing week for me :)

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh my that's a lot of people doing yoga. Your crepe looks delicious. You got so many goodies, glad you made it home safe. =)

  2. I eat candy while I'm watching the Biggest Loser!! Glad your trip is productive and that is one large large yoga class!


  3. Wow...What a lovely haul...I always enjoy your shopping trips! Those light bulbs are cool!

  4. score, score and score my friend. Could you please tell me the name of the simple stories paper pad? LOVE, gotta have it. One of my favorite companies.
    Glad you are home. Missed ya;)

  5. um and yea, the wood pieces killing me too. UGH

  6. oh the goodies looks so awesome and oh now i am hungry after seeing that crepe!!!

    you know i just started gettting back into my pilates. going to do it tonight after work! looking forward to it

  7. I just picked up some more wood pieces too, birds :) Maybe you could think of some kind of a challenge to do with your paper pads, since you have so many. Lol! Your crepe looks delicious!!! I use to go to Hobby Lobby all the time, but I seem to hit Michael's more because it's closer. You've inspired me to make a trip!! I love those flowers, and are those canvas banners? Glad you guys made it home safely!!

  8. Is there really such a thing as too much paper??? Love your goodies and I don't know what I would do without Hobby Lobby nearby...there is one a couple of minutes from my office - I guess I am spoiled.

  9. I love Hobby Lobby, it's my favorite store, and it's only 10 minutes from our new home. So I can visit both Hobby Lobby and the folks from Duck Dynasty in one fell swoop! :)

  10. You got quite the haul on your mini adventure. Look forward to seeing what you create with it.

  11. Loving the graphic 45 papers and man! That crepe looks and sounds sooo delish!

  12. First, I'm jonesing over all the cool looking wood pieces you've picked on this trip!

    Then, I'm laughing at you for admiring the Pilates workout before having yourself that "healthy" crepe. I'd be right there with you too! ;)

    How nice to have a little get-away for the family. We hope to have one at the end of the month when we go camping.

    1. Hi Tracy - back home now. See you had another great haul. I was quite impressed with the AC Moores - it`s where I spent the most money. I picked up the metal look embossing folders too, been wanting those for yonks. Joanns was good too. Wasn`t that impressed with the Hobby Lobby I went in. Will have to show some haul photos in the next couple of days. Catching up on some blog vists first. Have a great week.

  13. I have to say I much more prefer HL. Besides being like 3 min. from my house, they are so customer friendly, and a Christian based organization. Although Michaels has some good sales, I have a poor experience almost every time. Even this last week in VA their paper pad aisle was a wreck, couldnt even dig through for a special purchase. I gave up and left frustrated. Did find a lot of Smashbook items on clearance at Target tho!

    1. I have only been in a Hobby Lobby twice. The first one I went to was great..this one...not so much.
      I found Michaels to have a way better paper pack supply, then the HL I was just at.
      I don’t think it’s the store name that makes the store (besides products) but the employees. And the Michael’s in my town have really wonderful people working there.

  14. I really love the flowers you picked up. And that BINGO stamp!

    That yoga class looks really cool. And it reminded me that I have 8 yoga classes to use up before we leave Chicago. I better get on that - we leave in 11 days! (Said while I enjoy a rice krispie treat and sit here on my tushie!)

  15. Wow! That was some shopping trip. Glad you found stuff you liked and those cream horns to die for can't get them here at all.

  16. oh my gosh-that yoga class! That is awesome.


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