Saturday, March 23, 2013

Whinnie the Pooh cake :)

Here is Kristy's cake that she decorated today.
Kristy loves to decorate these pan cakes so much, that she wanted to do her own.
She has the patients for this. 

Onto My Day:

I slept in...which is always nice in my opinion ;)
We all went out to celebrate Kristy's birthday.
We have a tradition that when it is your birthday, we go out for a family dinner and whoever is celebrating their birthday, gets to choose the restaurant.
Well Kristy picked Montana's, she loves her steak.
Tomorrow is her actual birthday, but she has to work 7:00am-3:00, so we figured tonight was a better night to go out and have family over.
She is not impressed to have to work on her birthday. But she hasn't been called into work for 2 weekends in a row.
We had family over tonight. Enjoyed some cake and ice-cream and had a lot of laughs :)

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)



  1. Fantastic!

    I was in the middle of leaving a comment yesterday on the cutest card ever! When we had a power cut due to snow, that was early morning and it was off until 1.45 am. What a great image but I think it's your colouring.... So lovely x

  2. Wow Tracy the cake looks great she has done a super job of it. a pity she has to work on her birthday but as the saying goes no work no pay !! Hope you all have a great day. Aud x

  3. Kristy did an awesome job with her cake. It's not so bad to worl on your birthday! I know, because I just did that.

  4. Happy birthday Kristy!!!!!! (because it's Sunday now) Her cake looks amazing! That stinks she has to work today, but I'm glad you were all able to celebrate night :)

  5. The cake is amazing , she did a great job, hope she enjoys her birthday. :)

  6. She did a wonderful job of decorating her own cake :-) Glad you had a lovely evening out. Happy Birthday for Kristy today:-)

  7. What a beautiful cake! Happy birthday to Kristy! :-)

  8. That cake looks so cute. Our library has at least 50 different pattern cake pans you can check out. I just thought it was neat before we moved I never of a library having cake pans. Happy Birthday Kristy !!

  9. Hope Kristy a Happy Birthday. Her cake looks omg... awesome!

  10. She did a beautiful job on this cake!

  11. Happy Birthday Kristy! That cake is amazing, she is so talented!


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