Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You are my Sunshine Card

Did you know we  are a week into March already!!!!
One thing I have noticed with me being Retired. Is that the months kind of run into each other.
When I worked, I would have to bill the customers at the end of the month and then balance month end.
It was like the period at the end of the sentence.
Well I don't have to balance so its like my month doesn't end.
Don't get me wrong, I am definitely not complaining ;)

I put a card together tonight. It took me about an hour.
You would think that it was a quick card to make.
But the image was already coloured, the tree was cut out and the scallop circle was a left over piece from my last card, lol.
I thought the large circle looks like the sun :)
I had the black scallop already cut and placed it there, then thought ohhh I need some yellow. Then looked in the paper pack and there was some pattern paper with this circle pattern on it..bonus ;)

I had coloured this image months ago.
My friend Sybil was having a challenge and I was going to join.
Actually I was going to put in 4 cards, one for each season, as her challenge was to make a card for your favourite season...well I didn't make the deadline :(
The tree is a die cut. I trimmed the branches so as not to interfere with this cute girl, who I coloured with my Copics :)

I see I need to change my blade on my paper trimmer.
I swear those blades don't last as long as they used to.

Here is the inside of my card.

I am still battling with my cold.
So nice to answer the phone and my family or friends on the other side tell me I sound like crap....I am so loved, lol.
I am soothing my throat with some hot tea with honey. I don't normally drink tea, but do enjoy it when I'm not feeling my best.
Hopefully Tink. will help me feel like myself tomorrow :)

Onto My Day:
I didn't do much.
Napped and caught up on my emails.
And got Heather to make lasagna for dinner.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Cute! The tree die cut is so cool! Do you like ginger? Take some fresh ginger and steep it in hot water along with the honey- yummy and helps with soar throats as well. (my son especially likes it!)

  2. Hey there Tracy, your card is adorable, love the tree die! The little girl on the swing is so cute! Now what I'm wondering is how did you spread your cold to me through texting? hmmmm? lol
    Thanks for the shout out my friend, take care and hope you feel better asap! Sybil

  3. Hope your throat feels better. Love all that dimension on your card. The circle does look like the sun - just a perfect touch!

  4. that is just the cutest card ever!!!

    hope you are feeling better!

  5. I love the card, that tree is awesome! Hoping you're feeling better today!!

  6. Such a cute card!!! Hope you are starting to feel better. Being sick is the pits!

  7. Sorry you are still feeling sick!
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Very sweet card. And I love how you decorate the inside of your cards, too.

  8. the card is adorable.If you followed my recipe, you forgot one ingred ingredient. Lol :).Sounds like your on the bend.

  9. So, so sweet! I love how you did the tree. You are so right about trimmer blades not lasting as long as they used to. Frustrating when they tear up the paper.

  10. Cute card, love the swing on the tree. I agree blades just don't seem to last as long as they used to!

  11. A fabulous card - love that backing paper and the addition of the tree die. Wonderful. Feel better soon:-)

  12. Lovely card so cute, I love the way the tree hangs over the edge. Crafting and tea will always make you feel better :)

  13. Adorable card. Love that tree die cut and of course that cute image!

  14. Lovely card and so cute image:):)


  15. She is adorable. The tree cutout works perfectly.

  16. Oh no! I'm sorry your throat is still bothering you. I hope the honey helps :)

    Your card is so cute, the tree is fabulous!

  17. Your card looks great. Love that die cut tree...so perfect with your image...Take care of yourself...lots of that honey and hot toddies! teehee

  18. She's so adorable. Love how you had you are my sunshine. I hope you feel better!!!


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