Sunday, June 23, 2013

Completed Planner pages from Week #25

Thought I would share my completed pages for Week #25.
I went for a black/pink look :)
Honestly I forgot to write a lot of what happened during this week.
I have noticed that this is becoming more of a short form diary of our daily lives then a traditional planner.
I did like that one week I added my appointments or "to do's" n the left hand side of the vertical line.
I do have a few appointments in that section. It is still a work in progress :)

Do you do this as well?
When I am working with washi tape or anything that sticks to my fingers, I keep an area on my work space to stick it to until I have completed my project.
When I am working on my projects in the living room I use one of these lap desks. As I cut a strip off tape or tiny little slivers that hang over the edge of the paper, I just keep adhering them to my corner of my work desk :)
Just one of my little quirks that I know you were dying to know about me, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

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Tracy :)


  1. Love that it is becoming a diary too!

  2. Great pages and I really do love how this has turned into a record keeper too :-)

  3. This is my first week with my to dos on the right side and everything else on the left. I'm still a work in progress too! So far I love the way it looks though! Your week looks great! I do the same thing with sticky stuff! Then at the end I roll it all up and throw it away :)

  4. Your week is so pretty! and I love the pic of the sticky stuff!!! :D

  5. I so do that on the right side of my cutting mat! All those little sticky bits and backings go there! :)

    Such cute planner pages!

  6. Yes, I totally do that too! I always have a little thing of sticky stuff until I'm ready to get up and throw it all away! You don't want it to get stuck to your project!

    I love your planner pages, and that they are become a little diary of your days. That is fabulous!

  7. Love these planner pages. Those stickers work perfectly for it!


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