Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Decorated planner pages for week #24 and a Pure Innocence

I wanted to try some new colours (not my favourite) to decorate my pages for this week.
These pages look so plain until the end of the week :)

If you look closely, you can see my writing from the previous week has bled through a bit. I used my Stampin' Up markers last week as I really like the reds of those markers and the fine tip. But don't like that they bled through.
Even though these are not my favourite colours, I still like how they turned out.
But just to make them even cuter, I adhered a Pure Innocence image that I coloured to match the colours I used on the page.

Of course I coloured the image in withe my Copic markers.
Look I remembered to put aside the markers I used, so I could share them with you :)

Onto My Day:
I had so many plans today, mostly consisting of cleaning and organizing.
But guess what I did, nothing.
Well thats not totally true. I chatted on the phone with a friend for an hour or so
I did get in a nap as well ;)

Hope you all have a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I LOVE my naps! Missed mine today. The Pure innocence image is so cute on the side!

  2. Do nothing kind of days are some of the best!! Love your page and your coloring of that sweetie is wonderful.


  3. Those are not my favourite colours either, but I think you mixed them very well and the pages look pretty and calm. Maybe the calm comes from no text yet... :)

    Naps are among my favourite things to do, when I have the chance! :D

  4. love the added little girl-- so super cute!!

  5. Such a cheerful page would really inspire me to get things done. I love how you are decorating your planner!

  6. She looks SO cute there on the side of your page! I think the colors look very summery, I like them :) here is to being productive today!!

  7. The little girl adorable checking her list. Your coloring is so pretty.

  8. Hi Tracey..Didn't see your name on the LBBS list. You know your my favorite artist. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent.

  9. omg this is the cutest thing ever! your copic skills rock!

  10. Love these pages and great colour. Super cute little lady. I like that you got a nap in - I missed my "granny nap" today LOL!

  11. I really like the colors for summer! Especially with the girl you colored up to match them!


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