Sunday, June 9, 2013

Junes Day Planner pages

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend :)

Today I thought I would share with you a few pages from my day planner.
I know that the 1st and 2nd of June was from last week, but because they were in the month of June, I put them after June's 2 page calendar.
Because I had a big space on this weeks page, I decided to colour in one of my Gorjuss girls images and adhere it to my page.
I used reds as my mom's birthday would have been on June 1st and she loved the colour red.

As you can see I coloured the sky and masked in some clouds.
I also drew in some grass :)

I even put aside the colours I have used :)
I am getting pretty good at remembering to do this ;)

Here are my pages from this past week.
I stayed with the red for this week as I really like the red washi tape at the top.
I am also trying something a bit different.
I am putting in my "To do" lists and appointments on the left of the thin washi tape going vertical, and writing in point form about the happenings of mine and my family's days on the right hand side of the vertical  washi tape strip.
The arrow is a sticky note. I wrote on it (as I didn't have enough room on my page) I then folded it to fit in that area and stuck it down.

When we came home from camp, we checked out a house that Ashley is thinking of putting an offer on. There was an open house today.
Things sure have changed since Wayne and I bought our last house. Now you seem to have to ask more then the asking price. We always have asked under and still got the houses we wanted. But now, at least here you have to ask higher and hope no one has out bid you. Crazy I'll tell you.

After the open house, we took a trip to emergency to get Wayne's finger looked at.
The nurse wasn't happy that he hurt it on Friday and was just coming into the emergency today.
I think she may have been impressed with his MacGyver skills but said he taped it to tight.
Then she gave him a speech about how he could have got a bone infection and how serious that could be.
I found it a bit entertaining as she was about 1/2 his age ;)

I have to say I have to give a shout out to all us scrapbookers and anyone (who like me) takes photos of everything. As both the doctor and nurse were impressed that I had a photo of his finger all bent up on my phone ;)

Well as it turned out, Wayne's finger isn't broken. The doctor figured he must have dislocated the joint and then popped it back into place. Which Wayne did Friday night as he forced it straight to put it into his make shift splint.

I hope you are not to ill after reading about Waynes finger, teehee.

I hope you also had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I love what you do with those copic markers, so pretty!

  2. Glad that Wayne didn't break his finger. But, the nurse was right, he should have gone in sooner. Things can get real serious in a hurry. I can't believe you have to offer more than the asking price for a house. That is just crazy!!! Not that way here. At least, not yet! Like the little girl you added to your page.

  3. oh i love your planner page! and of course your coloring is just so awesome!!!!

    thank goodness wayne's finger is not broke!

  4. Beautiful planner page. I love how you color the girl red. Glad your husband's finger is okay =)

  5. Love the Gorjuss girl, beautiful image! Love the red. Glad Wayne had not broken his finger! And hope he took his telling off by the nurse! :-) Have a great week.

  6. That is scary about infections. Its rare, but you hear of people getting so sick or dieing of staff infections.

  7. This is the prettiest planner! It would make me want to come up with more things to do so I could just keep writing in it. LOL!

  8. Love the way you made the clouds, glad everything turned out okay with the finger

  9. Beautiful pages and i love that you used red because of your Mom :) I'm still playing around with the placement of things in my planner too, like the to do list :) glad Wayne's finger wasn't broken, also glad I haven't eaten yet... Lol!

  10. I'm glad Wayne didn't break his finger! That is too funny that the nurse was mad at him! I always take pictures of everything too...and it has come in handy at the doctor! Like when I was taking pictures of the thermometer when I had a crazy temperature, and then pulled up the photos (with the times I took them) so the doctor could see. Only a scrapbooker :)

    That is crazy about the house! I hope no one outbids Ashley and she can get the house she wants!

    Your planner pages look so fun! I love the image and the red colors - especially because they are for your mom.


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