Saturday, June 1, 2013

Prom Dress shopping fail :(

A nice foggy day for a girls weekend trip to the U.S.
Would you believe every vehicle in front of us and behind us are all hauling fishing boats.
Even the border guard had asked us how we got caught amongst all these fishermen. I told him I had no idea...but I passed them all after we crossed the border, teehee.

 Our whole purpose for coming on this trip was to find Kristy a Prom Dress.
Of course almost every dress she tried on I thought looked great on her.
We went through out the whole mall and two bridal stores.
She did not find one dress she really liked.
There were one or two that she was okay with, but Ashley didn't think they we formal enough.
Here Ashley is trying to hear what Kristy is saying to her from the changing room, lol.
But once she realized I was taking a photo, she kissed the headless mannequin, lol.

Kristy was getting frustrated.
So I said enough dress shopping and lets go shopping for something you really want to shop for.
Kristy enjoys clothes shopping, but not dress shopping so much.
Here is Heather waiting for her sisters to come out of the changing room.
I don't have any of Kristy as she wouldn't allow us to take photos of her in any of the dresses :(

We needed nourishment, so what better place to go then Red Lobster, right  ;)
Believe it or not, we weren't that hungry and we all brought most of our dinner back to the hotel.

I did get to my craft stores though and used up some of my coupons and the ones I didn't...I handed out to other customers :)
Here is my haul from Michael's.
I am planning on re-organizing how I store my Smash book and Day Planner stuff.
So I bought these photo containers, they are so cheap here :)
I want to keep a trimmer upstairs, as every time I need mine it is downstairs, and if I am downstairs, my trimmer is up stairs. So I purchased another one, but I wanted it to be small. I actually wanted it to be smaller then this, but that is all they had.
Yes Becky, I found some new washi tape;)

Here are my goodies from Hobby Lobby :)
Oh look I found the smaller paper trimmer. It was only $5.99 so I figured why not, and picked up a couple of extra blades as well.
They had a cool apothecary cabinet I wanted to get. Ashley found a real pretty table she liked. She thought (with confidence) that they would both fit in the back of my jeep.
I ended up not getting my cabinet, but she got her table....which we had to maneuver like a tetras piece, to fit in the jeep.
Going to be interesting to see how our luggage fits, lol.
Look Becky, I found more washi tape ;)

I still have a few hauls to share with you.
But I will leave that for tomorrow. Don't want to over excite you, teehee.

I hope you all have had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Awe, sorry that Kristy didn't find her prom dress - she will find something when she is not looking, if you know what I mean. Great haul!!! See that is why I need to go over to the US again, so much cheaper, roll on end of July :-) Safe trip back.

  2. I am sorry too that Kristy didn't find her perfect dress!! Sounds like you found lots of goodies though! I would love to go shopping with you gals!

  3. Look like you girls really had a good time even tho she didn't find her dress. I'm glad you had a chance to stop in at the craft stores as I know the prices for supplies where you live is outrageous and You can find them lots cheaper in the states. I would be stocking up if I were u. Do you get to make many trips to the states? I promise I've got an email coming to you but I'm getting super stressed as I'm overloaded right now. lol. ttys, Hugs,amyk

  4. Some good hauls, hopefully your daughter will find a dress :)

  5. Looks like you guys had a fun day out! Sorry Kristy didn't find the dress for her prom! Hopefully you guys can go back before her prom. Nice craft items you got from the craft store. Loved all the pics.

  6. Bummer on the prom dress fail ! glad you did not get stuck behind the boats after all! WOOT on your "haul!" :0)

  7. I guess it wasn't too foggy to fish, huh? I love the pictures of your girls. LOL! I really hope your next post says that Kristy found a dress! I knew you would eat at Red Lobster! LOL! I kept wondering, on FB what the two trimmers were for! Now I know :) So excited about your washi! I didn't see that kind at Hobby Lobby, now I feel like I need to go... Lol!

  8. Your daughters sound like mine! One loves to let me take her photo while the other one GLARES at We got lucky though and found her Prom Dress at Sears and on Sale...totally lucked out!

  9. Forgot to add that I hope she finds one soon!

  10. Sounds like a great trip and great memories made with your daughters!!!

  11. I'm sorry Kristy couldn't find her dress and you couldn't get the cabinet :(

    All of your crafty goodies are fabulous though! Its always good to have an extra trimmer, just in case :)


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