Friday, May 31, 2013

Ready for a Road Trip :)

Well we are not really but early tomorrow morning we are :)
We are heading over the boarder to look for a prom dress for Kristy.
Yes my baby is graduating from High school already.

So I have our medical insurance (never cross the border without it)
Our passports, you only see 4 because Wayne isn't coming. He said dress shopping isn't his thing..but if they had a Cabela's in Duluth you know he'd change his tune ;)
We have our American money, that's self explanatory.
And some craft coupons ;)  I'm doing the driving, so I get to check out my stores as well. You may think there is a lot of coupons..but 4 people, that is 4 coupons I can use ;)

Heather had 4 coupons for free Blizzards at Dairy Queen.
Funny as we had them for a month and today was the last day to use them...Heather and I both procrastinate ;)
No we did not each get two, she gave away the other 2 coupons :)

 We got a bit of a storm here tonight.
It was so nice and sunny here, even warmed up. Then the clouds crept in.
This photo was taken by a friend on FB, Stephanie.

Here is another cool photo of the storm clouds.
This photo was posted on the Magic 99.9 FB page. Click on the link and there are new, really cool photos on their site, posted by our local residents.

I will be up early in the morning for our 4 hour drive to Duluth.
I love road trips.
Sadly Wayne won't be with us, but I can still get Ashley to drive if I need a break.

I hope you all had a creative Friday and I will share my crafty goodies with you tomorrow.
I hope I have lots to share ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Have a safe road trip. It should be fun shopping for Kristy's prom dress. It was fun for me back in the day!

  2. Have a safe trip, I use to live about 60 minutes from Duluth Mn. I'm guessing that is the Duluth your talking about, great food there to have fun hugs Terrie

  3. Have fun Tracy and congratulations! I just had one graduate on Wednesday!

  4. Have a great trip Tracy - I made the kids go up and use the 50% Off vouchers in Michaels today for me :-) so I got to use it three times - bought some distress inks and stuff :-). Also going to save my pennies now for when we go over to US in August, just me and the girlies:-) Enjoy your trip and happy dress shopping and of course crafts!

  5. Wow, dark clouds! Hope no more rain! Have fun! What kind of blizzards, they look delish!

  6. You are SO prepared with all of your coupons! You know I love some blizzards :) Love the storm pictures, that second one is so cool!

  7. I hope you guys had a great road trip and that Kristy was able to find a dress!

  8. those pics are so cool. those clouds on the bottom pic look fake. I know are real but look fake. How neat


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