Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Day with Kristy

Today was a busy day.
I picked up my beautiful daughter Kristy from school to take her to make an appointment to get her (gasp) tattoo.
I am not against her getting one, she is of age. I wanted one when I was younger as well. I was just hoping that she would wait until she is a bit older...but not a chance.

Look at how beautiful she is.
She looks like an angel..she has the halo to prove it ;)

I actually cropped the photo...are you proud of my editing skills....I am, lol.
I took Kristy for lunch at Applebees.
They redid the restaurant. It looks really nice, but we were sad to see the carousel horses and the movie star photos gone :(

After lunch Kristy had a dentist cavities :)

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)
I will be back tomorrow with a creative project..I forgot to take photos of them today..oops.

Tracy :)


  1. Beautiful cropping, though the halo was kind of special. Gorgeous daughter you have Tracy.

  2. Kristy is beautiful and talented too. Love all her cake decorating. oo... a tattoo? I'm too afraid of needles to do anything like that >.< hehe...

  3. she's so cute! great job on your photo editing skills too! LOL!

  4. glad you two had a wonderful day!!! she is so pretty

  5. She is beautiful! So glad you had a wonderful time together!

  6. Well where is the picture of the tattoo?? Lol! You know, I got my first one in September and now I have five. Not trying to scare you ;) but I'm also 36. I always knew I wanted one, just wasn't sure of what. I'm so happy you took her. My youngest cousin hid hers from her mom, because she didn't approve, and it turned into a BIG mess when she found out, because mom always finds out :) I'm glad I waited though. The tattoo I would have gotten at 18 is not the same one I got at 36 ;)

  7. Kristy is such a beautiful young lade! Can't say much about the kids getting tattoos. Kirsten got one last year. Cait doesn't have but she has a nose ring.

  8. Oh,you are a great mom to take her! I hate needles so could never get one but have thought about it.

  9. Very cool I like tattoos I have two purple roses on my right shoulder blade, I hope she didnt get a tramp stamp lol...I love Applebee's so glad you had a good day girl and your daughter is a beautiful girl, just like her mom ;) hugs Terrie

  10. Oh man, tattoos scare me so much! Needles and I are not friends. Hahaha

    That is so sweet that you took her to lunch and went with her for the tattoo. Its so nice how close you guys are!

  11. haha! Love the halo. She's a gorgeous girl!


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